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Everything you need to know about vehicle tracking

Tracking is common practice for private investigators, and tracking a vehicle is no exception. Having concrete knowledge of where a particular car has been, and when it’s been there can be hugely valuable information in a variety of situations. Often, people aren’t sure about taking the first steps when it comes to vehicle tracking, or perhaps they are unsure of what the process involves. Our experienced team of private investigators can deliver a complete vehicle tracking service to suit your needs.

Are you considering hiring Global Investigations to undertake vehicle tracking on your behalf, but would like to understand more about what it entails before you make your decision? Here is some more information about vehicle tracking, when it might be of use to you, and how we undertake the process.

Why might you need to use vehicle tracking?

There are many situations in which vehicle tracking is a useful tool. If you need to prove a person’s whereabouts, if you are concerned about which locations a person is driving to or from, tracking their vehicle would be a smart move. For example, you could be a concerned parent worried about where their child is getting to in their car. You might be sure that your partner is lying to you about where they are spending their time – you may suspect they are having an affair or you may need to know just for peace of mind.   If you own a business that involves driving, such as door to door sales, you might want concrete proof that your employees are carrying out their duties properly during work hours. In all of these scenarios, vehicle tracking would be able to find out the truth, and clear up any worries or doubts you are having.

What is vehicle tracking?

Vehicle tracking is the careful monitoring of a targeted vehicle that finds out exactly where the driver has been, and when they’ve been there. It involves a small, discreet device being attached to a vehicle, which will use GPS technology to report back every location that the vehicle has travelled to. All of the data received will be logged, and is easily referable whenever the information is needed. Vehicle tracking is a comprehensive record of the movements of that particular vehicle.

How Global Investigations tracks vehicles

Global Investigations are experts at all kinds of tracking and tracing, and vehicle tracking is no exception. We use state of the art tracking devices, attached to vehicles with the utmost secrecy. Our tracking devices outperform others on the market, with a battery life that can last for three months – this ensures long term tracking will never be a problem. Global Investigations are able to track a vehicle on a long or short term basis, and will keep the data collected on file for you to refer to whenever you need, long after the tracking has stopped.  

Global Investigations are experts at vehicle tracking

As with all of the services Global Investigations offer, vehicle tracking is carried out to the height of professionalism. We will carry out your required vehicle tracking diligently and covertly, and be able to provide you with the hard evidence you are looking for to offer you peace of mind. For more information about vehicle tracking and the other types of tracking work Global Investigations can do for you, please head to our tracking page.

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