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Are you suspicious that your partner is up to no good? Perhaps he or she has been behaving oddly and it’s caused you to become suspicious. Perhaps he or she keeps coming home late from work, or going out on mysterious errands. Whatever’s going on, you don’t want to confront your partner until you have proof, because it could ruin your relationship if you’re wrong.

Some people take it upon themselves to try and gather evidence of their partner’s deceit. But they’re not specialists and the risk is that they’ll be caught red-handed. Global Investigations boasts a team of experts who discreetly gather evidence of people’s whereabouts on a daily basis, relying on years of experience and training and using expert methods. One of these methods is partner tracking in the UK.


What is partner tracking in the UK?

Partner tracking involves several different methods of tracking, but the most common methods are vehicle tracking and GPS tracking through a person’s mobile phone. In this highly technological age, the ability to discreetly track a person is becoming easier and easier. This helps people get to the truth much quicker and reduces the risk of them being exposed. It also means that if you initiate partner tracking and discover your partner is innocent, he or she will never know and there’s no harm done.


How does UK partner tracking work?

Using GPS to track a person’s phone is a very simple and accurate way of recording their whereabouts and discovering their misdemeanours. Using this facility will provide precise details about your partner’s location, duration and speed of travel, reliably relayed back to Global Investigations.

Vehicle tracking is another very common and reliable method of partner tracking in the UK. Car trackers, which are simple, covert black boxes that are compact, inconspicuous and have no charging ports or identifying markers, can be installed on your partner’s vehicle to find out exactly where he or she is going. A Global Investigations agent will fit a vehicle tracker carefully, discreetly and professionally, and provide you with a full and detailed report of the results, including speed, direction and location, so you can make an informed decision on your next move.

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