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Do you need a Private Investigator in Bristol?

We have local capabilities in Bristol with experienced private investigators that we are able to instruct at a moment’s notice. These contacts provide us with impressive investigative freedom and flexibility.

We are happy to boast our 30+ years of Private Investigation experience. We are a professional, discrete and lawful company that specialise in an array of private detective services throughout Bristol, the UK and internationally.

Throughout every investigation, we will always consider our clients’ reputation and their privacy will continue to be at the forefront of our minds. You can therefore be confident that we will always go to great lengths to protect your integrity.

We pride ourselves on the continued high level of private investigator services we deliver. If you require a professional private investigator in Bristol, the rest of the UK or internationally, we truly believe our invaluable capabilities will give you the success you require. Our stages of research and intelligence are unrivalled as we have the perfect team to help.


Our Range of Tracing Services in Bristol

Our expert private investigators offer a range of services in South West England at our private investigation agency, such as:


How Long Does It Take for Private Investigators to Trace a Person in Bristol?

The length of time it takes for a private detective Bristol to trace a person can vary depending on the circumstances. However, we can trace a person in as little as a few hours. This also applies to our tracing services in Bristol.


Are Your Tracing Services Discreet?

The private investigation work performed by Global Investigations is 100% discreet.

Our tracing agents operate with extreme proficiency and always undertake their work with the greatest subtlety, sensitivity and professionalism. Rest assured that you will receive a discreet and efficient service at all times, no matter what you need tracing.


Other Tracing Private Investigation Services

At Global Investigations, we are world-renowned for our asset tracing services for individuals and businesses. We provide our clients with concrete findings that they can levy actions upon.

We also undertake employment tracing, where supplying the crucial employer information gives our clients a possibility for point of contact and attachment of earnings.

We provide our private investigator services not only in Bristol, but also throughout the UK and abroad. Numerous agents are located across the country, including:


If you have any more questions about hiring a Bristol private investigator in Bristol, then please call us today on 08000 733 555 or fill out the form below to enquire online.