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Global Investigations continue to provide high quality, professional private detective services in Nottingham and throughout the UK for over 25 years. We work skillfully and ethically to obtain evidence for our clients in Nottingham and the wider area.

Whether you require Nottingham private investigator services from us to trace a financial debtor, undertake surveillance on a partner, perform a background check or need our expertise in one of our other many services, our skilled Nottingham private investigators can help.

Our professional, discreet and cost-effective solutions have proved invaluable over the years to our clients, solving problems both privately and commercially.


Why Global Investigations?

> We can get results in expedited timeframes.

> Knowledgeable and experienced agents based in Nottingham. We have agents in Radford, Newark, Worksop and beyond ensuring all clients’ needs are met.

> Our agents are specially trained to handle all situations efficiently and will complete discretion.

> Global Investigations have been operating for 25 years and in that time has obtained a wealth of experience and expertise.


Are Your Private Investigator Services Confidential?

We can categorically say Yes! Global Investigations ensures that all provided services large or small are dealt with using the utmost discretion. Our clients’ needs are very important to us, and we want them to have complete faith and peace of mind that all their information remains private and confidential.


A Sample of Nottingham Private Investigation Services

Tracing Service:

We can trace debtors, people overseas, missing persons, assets and much more.

Partner & Matrimonial Surveillance Services:

It is common that our Partner/ Matrimonial matters are mainly to provide our clients with peace of mind, and it is our job to ensure that we perform a well-executed service to ensure that our client can move forward. Surveillance can also cover such issues as divorce proceedings, child custody, matrimonial due diligence or pre-nuptial agreements.

Tracking Partners:

Our robust GPS trackers, software, and expert personnel mean we offer vehicle tracking services of the highest quality and reliability.

Background Check Investigations:

Our accurate, detailed reports can be provided on a national and international basis. Our highly trained detectives are experts in Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) and provide professional, comprehensive background checks.

Due Diligence Services:

We realise the importance of running comprehensive due diligence and in many cases, we are asked to undertake investigations to confirm the validity and reputation of a company and often the individuals behind it.

Pre-Sues & Status Reports:

Our pre-sue and pre-litigation reports are extremely useful tools in helping you determine whether it is worth taking an individual or business to court.

Process Serving:

Whether it’s service upon a business or an evasive individual, our experienced process servers have the skill and dedication to get the job done.


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Our private investigators have delighted clients from Nottingham, with many outstanding testimonials for our services. At our private detective agency, we are pleased to boast a high quality of service that has been proved beneficial over and over again.

In addition to serving Nottingham, we also serve other parts of the United Kingdom. Find a private detective across the country, including:

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