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Tracing overseas assets is an extremely important step you must take before entering any form of litigation.

To determine whether legal action is worth it or not, you will need to make suitable enquiries about t

he subject you intend to sue or seek damages from.

In a lot of cases, people intentionally hide their assets in order to conceal them from the legal system so that a court decision is more likely to go in their favour.

The last thing you want is to have a court judgement go against you, as you will not only lose the monies you are going after initially but will also have legal costs to cover too.

It is therefore incredibly important to act quickly and trace their overseas assets, before alerting them to the fact you are planning to take them to court.


How Can We Help You Trace Overseas Assets?

Our overseas asset tracking service is an extremely thorough and well-run operation that we perform internationally and in the UK.

As our name suggests, we have an extensive global reach. This enables us to utilise our many connections throughout Europe, the Middle East, America and Australia – bringing our clients the answers they need and expect.

Our efficient overseas asset tracking service can be provided all over the world and because our agents are multilingual and used to the requirements and regulations enforced all over the globe, it means the service we provide you with will always be exactly the same high standard, no matter the country.

Our agents use their local language skills and differences in time zones to their advantage and will always be able to compile enough information to help you, especially when it comes to recording a target’s multiple or singular assets.

Our far-reaching, impressive tracing methodology means we are able to check all viable avenues in your remit and look upon recovering the debt owed to you through a subject’s shares, stocks, properties, businesses, funds and any other assets we can find.


Overseas Assets Tracking Can Include but Are Not Limited To:

> Marine vessels

> Property under the subject’s name or associated name

> Shares and stocks

> Art and antiques

> Funds and accounts

> Equipment and tools

> Vehicles and caravans

> Businesses

> Horses and livestock

> Shareholdings

> Shared ownerships

We will always look to uncover open-sourced intelligence on the subjects in question and make sure you have a complete and honest report of what the subject’s overseas assets actually are. We also include a probability measure regarding how likely it is these assets can be uncovered and submitted to the courts.


Overseas Asset Tracking Solutions by Dedicated Investigators

As with every service we offer, our overseas asset tracking service will be undertaken in the strictest confidence. The work we produce for you will always be presented in a way to allow its submission to a UK court and in a manner to encourage the court to make allowances, deductions and referrals in your favour. Or, at the very least encourage them to make further enquiries and pursue the information found at their own leisure in order to uncover the fraudulent behaviour of the subject.

We will always work within the parameters you have set and according to the guidance you have given us. This will enable us to reveal only what is relevant and important to you instead of wasting time and money investigating areas that are not of interest to you.

Our success and reputation is dependent on the continued discovery of unidentified hidden wealth and whilst every case is different, we encourage clients to understand we do everything we can to identify and uncover hidden assets. We also understand we can’t always find what isn’t there, but please trust that when it is there, we are the best-placed agency to find it.

Our costs will be evident from the very start of the process and we always endeavour to be transparent, which means we are always happy to explain the costs to you in detail and to cap the work at a certain level if required.


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