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Tracing agents are those you go to for an accurate and thorough service, investigating missing persons, long lost family and friends, witnesses and helping to recover debts.

Global Investigations acts efficiently on your behalf and believe in maintaining an extremely high success rate with our professional private investigator assigned to you.

Using the latest in telephone investigations and databases , tracing agents set to work methodically and can serve you in a number of different ways. You may wish to track down a debtor, whereby the agent will look into the position of the subject very carefully and check on their status to seek appropriate reimbursement for you. Other services we offer are Track My Spouse & Tracking My Husband.

Tracing a Person

If you’re searching for an individual, anywhere in the world, then the tracing agents of Global Investigations are the experts. With global connections to other international agencies, your subject will be expressly traced and located through an unrivalled service.

At Global Investigations, you will even have the unique chance to speak directly to the subject you are looking for if you wish, all organised by the skill of the tracing agents. Your requests can be filled out and arranged online in a matter of minutes, after which one of the team will talk you through the process.

Tracing Agents in London & UK

Based all over the UK and with offices in London, Global Investigations is at the forefront of tracing services within the UK. Whether you are from a council, solicitors, creditors, government agency or private company or even a private individual, your wanted subject will be located with speed and efficiency.

You will discover the expertise that the tracing agents have in finding witnesses, beneficiaries and others is second to none. By demonstrating advanced skill in landlord and freehold tracing, asset and overseas tracing, your options are wide open and free to discuss with the team at Global Investigations.

Tracing Services

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