Looking for someone in the UK? Consider hiring a private investigator

There are many reasons for tracing people. Perhaps you have a long lost relative you want to track down, or an old friend, or perhaps you were adopted and you want to search for your biological parents. Perhaps you are looking for a debtor who owes you money but has gone AWOL.

Every private investigations case is different, and that makes our experienced team one of the most capable in the country, when it comes to dealing with a diverse range of cases and requests.

Tracking down your childhood sweetheart

Perhaps you had a girlfriend or a boyfriend as a child or teenager and you would love to get in contact again. Maybe he or she was ‘the one’ but you let them slip away. It might seem like a bold thing to do, but have you considered hiring a private investigator? Don’t imagine a private investigator as a sleuth or a detective out solving crimes. Private investigators are specialist question-answerers. They are also expert in tracing people. They will be all too happy to answer the question, “Where is my lost love?”

Adoption cases

These can be sensitive and emotional cases, but a private investigator’s experience in all kinds of tracing means that discretion and sensitivity are two of their biggest priorities. If you want to find your biological parents, consider hiring a private investigator to trace them. With a multitude of different tracing methods at their disposal, private investigators are your best bet to help answer your questions about where you really came from.

Old friends

Social media sites are great ways of reuniting with old school friends and people you’ve lost touch with. But even in this day and age, social media isn’t for everyone. The person you would desperately love to get in contact with again might have little to no presence online. If your search has proved fruitless, consider hiring a private investigator to look for your old friend. Using a variety of methods for tracing people, private investigators can successfully rekindle old friendships.

Long lost relatives

Perhaps you have a child, parent, cousin, niece, nephew or other relative that you haven’t seen in years for one reason or another. It may be that you want to renew a lost relationship with a relative you were once close to. Or it may be that you are tracing your family tree and you need to track down an elusive cousin once, twice or three times removed. Whatever your goal, a private investigator can help you with your search.

Recovering debts

Private investigators can help people recover unpaid debts by tracing elusive debtors. Using various means, private investigators can track down those who owe you money. They can often advise on and initiate the process whereby you can get an Attachment of Earnings Order. This is where a proportion of your debtor’s wages are deducted and paid to you in settlement of the debt. Private investigators can also undertake volume tracing and asset tracing, looking at assets and property in debtors’ names, which can then be seized and sold to reimburse you.

Hiring a private investigator

When you look to hiring a private investigator, consider a leading private investigation company like Global Investigations. In 2013, we won the Acquisition International M&A Award for UK Tracing Firm of the Year. If you need to find someone in the UK, then we are expert people tracers and can certainly be of help. We are determined, professional, fully trained and rely on a variety of tracing techniques, including database tracing, filter tracing, trace and serve, trace and contact, trace and credit score, employer information and background checks. We were also the first UK company to offer call-through tracing. Furthermore, thanks to our multilingual agents and global connections, our services are not limited to tracing people in the UK. We are able to trace people all over the world.

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