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There are lots of reasons for tracing people in the UK. You might be looking for a long-lost relative, an old friend, your biological parents, or perhaps you’re looking for a debtor who owes you money.


From old friends to biological parents

Social media is a great way of reconnecting with old friends, and many have been able to find faces from their past using sites like Facebook, Twitter, Friends Reunited and LinkedIn. But while it’s increasingly rare, not everyone has a presence online. Maybe there’s someone from your past who you desperately want to be in contact with again. Be it a friend or relative, private investigators like Global Investigations can help you track them down.

It’s not always that easy to find out who and where your real parents are if you were adopted. As experienced people tracers, private investigators like Global Investigations use a variety of techniques to look for the biological parents of adopted children, acting with discretion, sensitivity and professionalism at all times.

It might be that you’re not actually looking for a long lost relative, old friend or your real parents, but someone you barely knew. Someone you crossed paths with, whose name you never learned, but who had a major impact on your life for one reason or another. Perhaps you want to say thank you but you have no idea how to find them. Global Investigations can help.


Finding reluctant debtors

A large portion of the work private investigators do is tracing people in the UK who owe monetary debts. When customers receive goods and services, not all of them are willing to pay. But it’s tantamount to stealing and you ought to do something about it. Private investigators like Global Investigations can help you trace the people who owe you money. They can also advise on the debt recovery process, serve legal documents on debtors, and do financial investigations to find out how much your debtors are worth, so that you are fully informed as to the likely success of your case. Private investigators also undertake volume and asset tracing.


Hiring a private investigator

When it comes to tracing people in the UK, Global Investigations ought to be your first port of call. With decades of experience, know-how, technical skill and state-of-the-art technology at our disposal, our multilingual operatives are capable of tracing people in the UK and overseas in as little as 6 hours. This is the reason why Global Investigations won the 2013 Acquisition International M&A Award for UK Tracing Firm of the Year. Please contact us to find out more.