How a Private Investigator can track your partner nowadays

In 2016, there are more ways to track your partner than ever before. Gone are the days when a private investigator would have to simply rely on placing your partner under surveillance in order to find out what they’re up to. While that is obviously still a very useful and effective way of knowing exactly what is going on in your partner’s life, the evolution of technology means there are now thousands of resources available at an investigator’s fingertips – we can have answers for you literally within hours.So what exactly are the newest ways of tracking your partner, and how can they work in your situation? We’re counting down the most popular, and what we can learn from each…

GPS tracking of a vehicle is more accurate than it has ever been, and it will be able to give you a clear cut picture of where your partner’s car has been driving to and spending time.  Many people also often choose to add apps or GPS tracking to their partner’s phone in order to locate their phone’s whereabouts at all times – and therefore see where they are spending their time. This is often the most concrete evidence you’ll find of your partner’s wrongdoing, as there is no denying that anyone has driven to the places we track them, and you’ll know exactly what they’re getting up to. If you suspect your partner of being unfaithful or behaving in a way that you find upsetting but are lacking the evidence you need to prove yourself, contact us here at Global Investigations. We will use all of these processes and more to track your partner, monitor their behaviour and find out the truth on your behalf.

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