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Divorce and the Role of Private Investigators in London

Going through a divorce in London can be an immensely difficult and emotionally draining experience, especially if hidden financial and personal realities come forward. 


Private investigators in London can provide invaluable aid during this process by gathering evidence and providing information that supports legal proceedings, which in turn can significantly impact your case. 


Uncovering Hidden Assets


A major priority during divorce proceedings is getting a fair share of assets. However, uncooperative spouses often try to conceal or undervalue assets like properties, bank accounts, investments, and company shares.


 Private investigators are experienced in identifying hidden assets through techniques like:


Forensic Accounting 


Investigators analyse personal and business bank statements, accounting records, tax filings and other financial documents to identify unexplained assets, income or expenditures.


Asset Ownership Research 


By thoroughly searching public and proprietary databases for real estate transactions, land registry deeds, directorship registrations and share allotments, investigators can trace assets connected to the subject.


Background Checks 


Background checks require investigators to conduct in-depth profiling of the spouse’s family members, close friends, business partners and advisors who may know about hidden assets.




Successful covert surveillance means the investigators track the spouse’s movements and associations to identify any properties, cars, investments or companies they use that have not been disclosed.

Meticulous documentation of previously hidden assets enables clients to make more substantial claims for a fairer divorce settlement during financial proceedings and negotiations.


Proving Infidelity


In the UK, infidelity can impact divorce proceedings, especially regarding issues like alimony. Private investigators can prove adultery by gathering evidence like:


Photographs or Videos


Investigators can conduct discreet surveillance with time- and location-stamped photographic or video evidence of the spouse entering or leaving the home of their secret partner, hugging, kissing or in other compromising situations. 




Eyewitnesses can be third parties who provide investigators with detailed accounts of the spouse’s activities and interactions with their affair partner. Alternatively, investigators can directly observe the couple spending time together across various settings from hotels to restaurants.




Investigators can gather itemised hotel, restaurant, gift and travel receipts indicating dates that coincide with the spouse being absent from home or work. This can be from venue visits, gifts purchased for the affair partner and suspicious trips.


Online and Mobile Activity


After obtaining consent, investigators may forensically retrieve communication records that reflect incriminating text messages, call logs, social media posts and emails proving the intimate relationship.




By placing GPS trackers on the spouse’s vehicle, investigators can access precise location data that establish suspicious activities at the affair partner’s home during odd hours. 


Such undeniable evidence of infidelity gives clients more leverage during divorce settlement negotiations and can maximise outcomes.


When Children Are Involved in the Divorce


There are two main scenarios where children can become involved in a divorce. 


  1. It’s your own children that both you and your spouse can legally have custody over. 
  2. You suspect your spouse has other children with another partner.

Child Custody and Subject Profiles


During child custody hearings, private investigators build detailed intelligence profiles on the spouse to assess their suitability as a parent. This includes:


  • Examining public records for any relevant histories of violence, abuse, addiction and reckless behaviour. These records also confirm the spouse’s employment status.
  • Interviewing friends, colleagues, neighbours and other connections to gain testimonial insights into whether the spouse possesses responsible parenting abilities.
  • Directly observing the interactions between the children and spouse. Investigators look for signs of affection, patience, short temper or abusive tendencies during these interactions.
  • Monitoring traditional and social media platforms concerning conduct, views, associations and behavioural patterns.
  • Tracking and surveillance to identify activities, relationships and associations deemed unsafe or unacceptable around children.


Tracking Down Hidden Children


Clients may come to private investigators when they need to confirm if the soon-to-be ex-spouse is hiding additional children conceived from an affair with another partner. Investigators have several techniques to establish proof:


  • Methodically searching public records for any birth, school enrollment and medical records linked to the spouse.
  • Conducting surveillance on the spouse to secretly observe any interactions between them and unknown children who seem intimate.
  • Forensically analysing devices and accounts belonging to the spouse to find indicative photographs, messages or emails about the undisclosed children.


Gaining the Advantage in London Divorces with Investigative Support


Private investigators fulfil crucial roles like uncovering hidden assets, proving adultery, tracking down undisclosed information, building supportive subject profiles and accessing communications data legally. Their capabilities allow clients to negotiate fairer settlements in divorce proceedings.

For reliable investigative support during your divorce in London, choose Global Investigations. Our sensitive approach gathers court-admissible evidence while maintaining the utmost privacy for clients. Contact us today at 0800 0374 705 to see how our experienced private investigators can discreetly progress your divorce proceedings.

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