How to Find Birth Parents in the UK

Making the choice to trace your birth parents or extended family can be a daunting yet exciting decision. There are many reasons people decide to find their birth parents in the UK – whether you are adopted and feel curious to learn more about your past, have a medical necessity, or no longer have contact with a biological parent, Global Investigations are here to help.

We have a number of services we can offer to help find your family member. Our private investigators have over 25 years of experience and can assist you in your search by providing tracing services, database searches, background checks, and much more.

Our agents have access to sensitive information including high-quality database systems, advanced internet query tools, phone number databases, and more. These avenues are not available to the average person and all our investigators are expertly trained to gather the information required to help trace birth parents after adoption.

How do I trace my birth parent (or parents)?

Tracing your biological mother or father after adoption will depend on how much information you already have about them. Each case is different. We can help you even if you have little information about them.

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At the age of 18 years (16 years in Scotland) you have the right to ask for:

  • Information given to your adoptive parents at the time of your adoption
  • Court documents about your adoption (except information about other people who don’t want to be identified)

Before our initial consultation, we would ask you to compile all the information you have on your birth parents and the specifics of your adoption.

We can then take the reins and conduct discreet enquiries in an effort to locate up-to-date information including current whereabouts and if necessary, act as a third party between you, should you be hesitant to make that initial contact.

How to trace biological parents in 4 steps?

Below are the 4 typical steps we take to find birth parents of our clients:

1. Information assessment

We will first assess the information you hold. There are several factors we need to take into account, such as if your name at birth is different from your name now, if you have a copy of your original birth certificate (we can assist in locating this if not), and if you know the names or any other information such as age or date of birth of your birth parents.

2. Tracing service

Our agents will then get to work tracing your birth parent/s. This will include extensive database searches, open-source intelligence, and more. For females especially, this can include marriage searches as your birth mother may have married, possibly even more than once, and therefore her name will differ from that on your birth certificate.

3. Background check or surveillance

In some cases, once we have located an individual, our clients often want a bit more information about their lifestyle. We can undertake background checks to assess whether they are married, in a relationship, have children (your half brothers and sisters), and give other insights into their lifestyle.
If you would like to know about their physical health or would like photos of them, we can arrange for discreet surveillance to be undertaken to gain photo and/or video evidence.

4. Making contact

Many of our clients initiate contact themselves, however, if you are hesitant about this, Global Investigations can step in as an intermediary. We can meet your birth parent and discreetly enquire about whether they wish to have contact or we can provide them with a letter or document from you should you wish.

Will the person know they are being traced or investigated?

No, they won’t know they are being traced. All our enquiries are undertaken discreetly, with the subject of the trace unaware of any searches undertaken. We are experts in tracing and investigations and understand you may not want the subject to be alerted.

If you are interested in tracing birth parents or want to find out how we can help to find your biological parent, please contact us on 02082877770 to discuss your case further. A member of our specialist trace team will be happy to help.

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