What Is A Process Server?

Did you know that failing to get important documents delivered to a defendant correctly can put you at risk of being thrown out of court?

Use a process server to ensure documents are handled safely in accordance to the law. Here at Global Investigations, we can provide professional process serving services across the UK.

In this article, we cover:

  • What is a Process Server in the UK?
  • Why Should I Use a Process Server in the UK?
  • Why Shouldn’t I Serve Documents Myself?
  • Where Can I Find a Process Server?
  • Why Should I choose Global Investigations as my Process Server?

What is a Process Server in the UK?

Process servers serve court papers, such as debt claims, judgements, and evicting notices for rent arrears to defendants or respondents. Recipients, whether that be an individual, a company, or organisation, are held to respond to the notice in a certain amount of time from the date of service.

What’s more, server processing ensures that legal documents are handed over in the correct manner and can be proven to have been delivered successfully. This is particularly useful for cases in which the recipient can’t be traced or if they are a threat to the papers’ sender, protecting those in vulnerable positions.

Why Should I Use a Process Server in the UK?

There are many reasons to hire a process server, not least because people generally respond better to process servers handing them documents than claimants.

Process agents are impartial to the proceedings and have a great deal of experience in dealing with difficult or reluctant people, which might prove useful if the matter results in involving a court case.

Process servers who are also private investigators (like at Global Investigations), are particularly beneficial when debtors go missing – either by moving jobs or house to avoid paying their debts. When this is the case, process agents who are experts in tracing people are useful.

Other forms of action you might expect from process servers include:

  • Adhering to all Data Protection and Human Rights legislation
  • Monitoring your case and advising you on the best course of action for your situation
  • Expertly dealing with dangerous situations and individuals
  • Involving relevant authorities, such as the police, if necessary

Why Shouldn’t I Serve Documents Myself?

It can be a lot of hassle to serve court papers on time and in accordance with the law without a processional process server to handle them. One reason for this is that legal documents are often complicated to process in the UK – some orders or papers can be sent to an address, but a set process must be followed first.

However, certain documents must be served in person, and as forementioned, it could be risky to approach a recipient if they have a history of aggression.

If the service is not performed correctly, your case could be hindered or dismissed, so it is worth using an experienced process server to ensure that the proceedings go smoothly.

Where Can I Find a Process Server?

There are hundreds of London and UK based process servers, but with so many to choose from it is vital to check their level of expertise in the industry.

Some process severs will focus solely on serving legal papers, whereas surveillance companies will offer more, such as finding someone in the UK and issuing fraud investigators.

As a leading investigations company, Global Investigations offer a range of private detection services and process serving in the UK and overseas.

Why Should I choose Global Investigations as my Process Server?

We are experienced tracers at Global Investigations and find that there is a growing demand for tracing agents when server processing is called for. Our process of service goes way and beyond, carried out by pre-screened and fully qualified process servers.

We also spend a great deal of our time assisting with debt recovery cases. If necessary, we offer our people tracing capabilities, using highly technical skills, trained multilingual operatives, and advanced software.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need assistance or want more information on our services and how we arrange collection of your documents to be served.

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