6 Ways a Private Investigator Can Help Find a Missing Person in Guildford

Looking for a family member in Guildford who has lost contact, or someone who has intentionally gone missing and wants to remain hidden? There are many different reasons why people disappear. While there may be nothing sinister behind it, being unable to find someone you need to contact can be one of the hardest situations to be in.

Guildford detectives can help find missing persons. With many private investigator agencies offering debtor tracing, parent searching, and missing person enquiries’ services, you can trust tracing agents to resolve your problem quickly and reliably and professionally.

In this blog, we cover 6 ways that a private investigator Guildford can help find a missing person:

How Do Private Investigators Find a Missing Person?

Private investigators use a vast range of tools and techniques to find missing people who have intentionally or unintentionally disappeared. 

Often, a missing person will relocate, changing their name and residential address to escape debt-related matters. Even with limited information surrounding their whereabouts, Guildford detectives will use all possible resources to track them down, such as open-source intelligence.

What is open-source technology?

OSINT involves legally gathering information on people or organisations from publicly available sources. These resources are found online to uncover basic intelligence and evidence, including names of individuals and their associates, phone numbers, email/ social accounts, and home addresses. It also involves accessing information that is not found from a regular Google search or from other normal search engines.

Private investigators often use open-source technology to help find a missing person as it provides access to a wide range of information that would not otherwise be available.

Ways a Private Investigator Guildford Can Help Find a Missing Person

Finding a missing person is an incredibly difficult experience, and the feeling of uncertainty that comes with not knowing where they are or if they’re safe can be overwhelming. In these cases, it’s often hard to know what steps to take in order to try to locate them.

Fortunately, a private investigator (PI) experienced in finding missing persons may be able to offer invaluable help in pinpointing an individual’s whereabouts or uncovering information about their current situation. Below are some of the ways a PI can be of assistance:

1 – Conduct a Thorough Search

A private investigator Guildford will conduct a thorough search for the missing person. This may include searching through public records, speaking to friends and family, and checking social media accounts. They will also look for any clues that may lead to the person’s whereabouts, such as credit card transactions or bank account activity.

1 – Use Surveillance Techniques

Private investigators often use surveillance techniques to track down missing persons. This may involve following the person’s car, using GPS tracking devices, or setting up camera surveillance. Through the use of surveillance, investigators can determine where a person is or has been.

3 – Analyse Data

Private investigators will often analyse data to find missing persons. This may include phone records, credit card statements, and email accounts. Through data analysis, investigators can get an idea of who the person is communicating with, where they have been recently, and other clues that may lead to their current whereabouts.

Public records

A private investigator Guildford can search through public records to find information about a missing person. This may include electoral rolls, marriage certificates, birth certificates, and death records. They will also look for any court proceedings or legal documents related to the person in question.

4 – Research Online Activity

Private investigators will research online activity for clues about the missing person. This may include looking up social media accounts, checking emails, or researching other online accounts that the person may have been using. By researching online activity, investigators can often gather valuable information about a missing person’s current whereabouts or activities, making it a great way to quickly and efficiently locate someone who is missing.

5 – Interview Witnesses

Private investigators will interview witnesses who may have seen the missing person or have information about their whereabouts. They may also conduct interviews with people who know the person, such as family members or friends. By interviewing witnesses, investigators can often get valuable information that can help them find a missing person.

Talk to colleagues and their employer

Private investigators may also talk to colleagues or the person’s employer in order to find out more information. This can help them determine if the person is missing due to a work-related issue or some other problem that could be resolved with further investigation.

6 – Work with Law Enforcement

Private investigators can work with law enforcement to help locate a missing person. They can provide important evidence and information that can help police in their missing persons investigation. In some cases, private investigators may even be hired by the police to assist in their search for a missing person.


Overall, private investigators are an invaluable resource when it comes to finding a missing person. With their knowledge and experience, they can help locate a loved one quickly and efficiently. If you’re looking for a missing person in Guildford, contact a private investigator today. They will be able to provide the help and assistance you need in finding your loved one.

How Global Investigations Can Help

If you are looking to locate a missing family member, employee from your organisation, or customer who owes you money, Global Investigations can help. With decades of experience in the field of finding people efficiently and quickly, our private detectives offer an unparalleled service that helps clients track down their loved ones with utmost sensitivity.

For missing person cases where contacting the police is not a practical option, Global Investigations can help. We specialise in tracing and locating people within Guildford as well as throughout the UK and internationally.

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