What To Expect When Hiring a Detective Agency in Manchester

Choosing a detective agency in Manchester can be daunting if you don’t know what to expect when hiring a detective. The covert nature of their business can leave many people wondering how local detectives work and what benefits they can offer – whether it be for personal or professional use.

To help you get a better idea of what to expect when hiring a detective agency in Manchester, we cover the typical characteristics of a private investigator and the services they offer:

What to Expect from a Private Detective

Just as no two cases are alike, every private detective brings something different to the table. However, you can expect good private investigators to share the same skills, level of experience, and determination that is needed to successfully pursue a case. 

Below are some favourable qualities to look out for when looking to hire a private investigator: 

  • Initiative – using their initiative, they can find the necessary information about a case to guide them to the truth about a situation, business, or person. Their natural curiosity makes them excellent researchers, whether it be for background checks or risk analysis’.
  • Communication – using their excellent communication skills, they form trust with people to gain important insights into a case.
  • Discretion – working to the highest standards of discretion, they conduct operations without arousing suspicion – a particularly important skill in a covert surveillance operation.
  • Patience – having patience is key when weeks of painstaking research or surveillance may be required.

The Services to Expect from a Detective Agency

Detective agencies usually offer a range of services catering for a range of needs:

Private investigative services

Private investigative agencies can offer a variety of services for personal and domestic cases, providing high-tech psychological profiling, vehicle tracking, heir tracing, parent searching, cohabitation surveillance, cyber investigations, and missing person tracing. 

What’s more, they can offer background reports to suit a variety of private investigative needs that comply with all regulations and legalities, such as the Data Protection Act (DPA). UK background searches can dig up a person’s identifying data, such as their current address and phone number, recent address history, property ownership, internet history, and any marriages or divorces. 

Business investigative services

Detective agencies can offer a range of investigative services for UK businesses, such as employee vetting, asset tracing, enhanced due diligence, open-source intelligence, company risk analysis’, threat assessments, merchandise tracking, credit checks, employee leave investigations, and employment tracing.

Workplace fraud is one of the most common reasons behind business investigations, which can include:

  • Asset misappropriation
  • Account fraud
  • Bribery and corruption
  • Payroll fraud
  • Vendor mismanagement and fraud

If a business owner suspects that fraud has been perpetrated, private detectives can provide evidence and help assess how the fraud has occurred in order to prevent further breaches.

Legal investigative services

Private detective agencies can deliver fast results for barristers, solicitors, and the legal industry, gathering evidence to be used in court through surveillance, witness statements, and background checks.

In the event of a child custody case, a detective agency can be used to carry out a child custody investigation, which would involve observations of parenting and any aspects of care that could be negligent or harmful.

Technical investigative services

Many private detectives are also technical specialists in cyber security and cybercrime. Whether it be for law firms, businesses, financial institutions, or private individuals, cyber investigators follow digital footprints to provide clients with all the evidence they need.

Other technical services a detective agency may offer include bug sweeping, mobile forensic checks, open-source intelligence, dark web investigations, and forensic investigations.

Why You Should Choose Global Investigations?

Here at Global Investigations, we are a highly skilled and discreet detective agency that offers a range of investigative services throughout Manchester, as well as to the rest of the UK and internationally. With over 12,500 successful cases, you can count on us to solve your problem with our confidential expertise.

For information on what to expect from our investigative services or how we can help, please contact a member of our friendly team on 02082877770.

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