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What qualities should you look for in a private detective?

As in every industry, when you’re looking to work with a private detective,  you want to ensure you’re working with the most professional, effective investigators possible. After all, you’re usually trusting them with very sensitive, personal information, and relying on them to find you the answers that could make a hugely important difference to your life or working situation. So it’s understandable that you want to work with a detective who is at the top of their game.

If you’re considering working with a private detective and want to ensure that you’re in the safest possible hands, here are the skills and traits that make an investigator as effective as possible – you should always look out for them if you want your case to be a success…

  • Initiative

An excellent private detective will always use their initiative to find information about a case; they can trust their gut feeling when it comes to a situation or person to discover more about them, and find out the truth. Their years in the industry will have finely tuned their initiative to make it spot on, and great detectives let it be their guide and determine the truth.

  • Curiosity

Something that ensures a private detective will do everything they possibly can to uncover the truth or find the information you need is a personal level of curiosity. If the detective you’re working with is not genuinely interested in finding the answers and bringing a conclusion to your case, they will never work as hard as possible, follow every lead or think outside the box for new options.

  • Communication

Communication skills are important for a private detective to hone for two reasons. One; talking to new people, establishing trust and carefully extracting details and information in order to progress your case is a vital part of every single investigation. Two; a detective very often needs to inform their client of difficult, upsetting information and it’s very important to make sure that this news is always broken in the kindest, most coherent and understanding way. Communication skills make sure that both of these situations are handled appropriately.

  • Patience

A really good private detective will know that the most effective answers are never found quickly. Very often, investigative work involves hours of painstaking research or surveillance, and it can take days before the conclusion is found. A detective who rushes through an investigation will never be effective.

  • Observant

It should go without saying that an investigator notices every last detail about a person, document or situation, and picks up on details that the rest of us miss. It’s often in these details that answers are found, and the ability to notice them is what makes a successful investigator.

  • Ability to fly under the radar

‘Covert’ is one of the most important words for a private detective. In this industry, the most valued skill is the ability to stay out of everyone’s notice and to make sure you’re never attracting attention to yourself. This is vital to be able to discreetly gain the necessary information; whether an investigator is conducting surveillance or monitoring someone at their place of work, staying out of the line of fire is absolutely critical.

Here at Global Investigations, our team combines all of these traits with years of experience, to make sure that our clients get the answers they need every single time. If you are in need of our services, please contact our team.  

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