What Makes a Great Private Investigator in Scotland?

No two cases are alike, but the best private investigators share the same amount of experience, skills, and determination needed to pursue a case in its entirety. 

Before a private investigator in Scotland is hired, you will want to ensure they are right to work with – after all, you will likely need to trust them with sensitive information to uncover all the answers you need, whether that is in your personal or working life.

To help you get the best chances of a successful case, we have rounded up the top qualities that make a great private investigator in Scotland:  


A great private investigator in Scotland will always use their initiative to find information about a case and to guide them to the truth about a situation or person. 

Their curiosity to find out the why, how, who, when, and what, will make them natural researchers who are adept at gathering information. Whether it is a background check or a risk analysis, excellent research skills save a great deal of time and can improve the success rates of a case, making it a must-have quality.  


Approachability and communication skills are key to behaving with professionalism. A good private investigator will establish trust and carefully extract information and details to make progress in a case.

A private investigator who has a knack to converse with people is a trait that makes it easier to get possible helpful information in a case. 

In addition, good communication is vital when a detective informs a client of difficult or upsetting information, breaking the news in the most coherent and empathetic way possible. Without the correct tact or necessary gravitas in these situations, clients will not feel the respect they deserve.


Given the sensitivity of the information they handle on a daily basis, a great private investigator respects confidentiality and will work to the highest standards of discretion, conducting operations that won’t arouse suspicion. 

Discretion is particularly important during a covert surveillance operation, where a subject must be oblivious to being watched or followed.

One of the most valued skills as a private detective is the ability to stay unnoticed and to not attract attention towards yourself, whilst also being able to gain the necessary information for the case. 


A great private investigator will know that the most effective answers are not easily found and that investigative work typically involves hours of painstaking research or surveillance. For their work to be effective, weeks of pursuit is something they must persevere through.  

Most surveillance jobs require investigators to wait for hours before they get the piece of evidence needed. As a result, private investigators must be patient to receive the answers that are needed.

Ultimately, a detective without patience is not a good detective. 

How Global Investigations Can Help 

At Global Investigations, we have a team of skilled private investigators who offer an array of services in Scotland, as well as the rest of the UK and internationally. We have agents deployed across Scotland, including Edinburgh, Loch Ness, Inverness, Dundee and beyond to ensure that all our clients’ needs are met. 

Our private investigators can be deployed at just a moment’s notice with 24-hour flexibility for your needs. 

And with over 12,500 successful cases, you can count on us to solve your problem with our discreet and confidential expertise. 

For more information, please contact a member of our friendly team to discuss how we can help on 02082877770

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