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Did you know that more Americans use a private detective agency than UK citizens?

As you may have guessed from our name, we have a presence that reaches across the world here at Global Investigations! We can work in any country, and our cases do indeed often take us to far flung locations and new destinations. We are actually based in South London in the UK, and so our base here technically makes us a UK detective agency. Across the world, detective agencies are busier than ever, and our services are increasingly in demand for all manner of cases. In fact, recent statistics show that 49% of divorce cases in the UK alone now involve some kind of evidence discovered by a private investigator. However, we certainly do notice some differences in the way clients from different parts of the world use our services, and it’s evident that there are huge differences in the way countries use private detectives for assistance in their lives and problems.

In particular, the ways UK citizens and US citizens use detective agencies are really different!

Here in the UK, private detective agencies are usually called upon to intervene in a case when our client can see no other option. They are at the end of their tether, seriously concerned and worried about the situation, and can see no other way out of the scenario. For our UK clients, we are often a sympathetic ear as well as the means by which to find a solution to their stressful situation. The cases themselves are normally very sensitive, perhaps involving tracing work finding a lost family member or friend, or conducting due diligence into a highly sensitive business scenario. When we are sought after by a client in the UK, we understand that it may be taking a lot for them to contact us, and that it will have been a serious decision for them to make. The situation can vary drastically over in the USA, where using a private detective agency is a fairly routine practice! Perhaps it’s because of their regular portrayal in the media and popular culture over in the USA, or maybe it’s because their legal system often makes it far easier to engage with each other for minor cases, but Americans seemingly are far more relaxed and open about hiring the services of a private detective. Even celebrities have admitted to having a detective working on their behalf! From cheating husbands to conducting due diligence on business cases worth millions of dollars, Americans are seemingly not shy at all about using a detective agency and are ready and willing to implement our services whenever they see fit. Whether you’re from the UK, the USA, or somewhere else entirely, and whatever the case, if you need our assistance here at Global Investigations, contact us. We can have your investigation started within a couple of hours, and you can finally achieve that peace of mind you’re so desperately in need of.

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