Using a Private Investigator was vitally important for these cases….

If you are concerned about hiring a Private Investigator, one of the main reasons may be that you are worried about the quality of the results you will get. You may be doubtful about how much of an effect evidence from a Private Investigator can really have. Firstly, we want to reassure you that this will never be the case here at Global Investigations. We do not rest until we have the evidence, facts and figures you need for your enquiry to be solved. Also, you should keep in mind the fact that there are many high profile situations where evidence from a Private Investigator has really had a positive effect on the outcome of a case – and if it can happen for them, it can certainly happen for you.

Not all Private Investigations need to end in a court case

In fact, far from it. Usually when we work for a client, the evidence and information we find out is used to settle a personal belief or paranoia. However, should you require it, we can present all of our findings in the correct manner so that they can be presented in front of lawyers as evidence.

Some high profile use of Private Investigators

In recent years in the UK, there have been two very high profile instances where work carried out by a Private Investigator has had a significant effect on the outcome of a case. Private Investigators were used to establish whether or not journalists from newspapers such as The Mirror and the News of the World were hacking the phones of innocent people in order to find details for stories. The covert work carried out by Investigators provided concrete evidence of those who had been breaking the law in order to get ahead.Similarly, celebrities and those in the public eye often use a Private Investigator to collect evidence to build cases. In recent years, celebrities who gave evidence at the Leveson Inquiry into media ethics said they had used Private Investigators to gather evidence that their phones and email accounts had been hacked, and proof that photographers had been covertly following them. This evidence led to landmark rulings that meant many of the targeted famous people were allowed to pass bans and restraining orders against photographers.

If you needed proof that the work Private Investigators do can really change your situation completely, this should be it.

So, how can we help you? Even if you never plan to take your situation further than confronting the target of our investigation yourself, it’s still good to know that the evidence we uncover can make a real difference – whether that’s to be used in a professional situation, or just to finally give you some peace of mind.

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