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The ‘everyday’ ways a Private Detective can uncover the truth

When people think of the work that a private detective can undertake, they often imagine it’s quite like being a spy and that detectives use hi-tech gadgets and super stealth surveillance in order to track down the information clients need. There lots of times when this will be the case, and the private detective will have to employ these kinds of techniques; however, people often seem to underestimate how much can be found out from simple, everyday practices. A private detective #will have learned to hone and perfect these skills and to mine them for every last drop of detail – and so they can sometimes actually be more valuable than any spy level practices….


One of the most important skills a private detective will have is a strong instinct, and this can be invaluable in finding out the truth about a person or situation. This isn’t something you can buy, but it is something that can be worked on and improved over the years – here at Global Investigations, we’ve been in the business since 1994. So our instincts are finely tuned to pick up signals from people and situations, and we’ll be aware of things others are not.


It may sound dull and incredibly ordinary, but patience really is a virtue when it comes to private detective work. Sometimes, the answer needed can only be found as the result of painstaking surveillance, carried out over hours, and the detective needs to be fully switched on for the entire time – one lapse in concentration, and the detail could be missed. Patience may be an underrated skill nowadays, but when it comes to private detectives, it cannot be beaten.

People skills

A good private detective will absolutely blend into the background most of the time, but a good understanding of people and behaviour can lead to impressive results. Not only will people be willing to warm up and chat to a detective with a talent for communicating and putting people at ease, but this detective will also be able to understand the subtle signs in  a person’s demeanour, which will often be giving away tell-tale signs that the average person would miss.

Public information – and having the guts to access it

It is true that a lot of the time, a private detective will have to dig deep to find incriminating evidence. However, very often the facts needed are hiding in plain sight in public records, in a workplace, or on social media; and a good private detective will have the confidence to carefully ask or search for it. Sometimes, the most effective information can be discovered from a well placed phone call, or a thorough search through a publicly available database. It’s hardly MI5, but for results, you can’t beat it.

Experience and confidence

Confidence comes with experience, and it can really help a private detective find out a lot. After years in the business, we here at Global Investigations can get a strong feel for a case as soon as we hear about it, and our years of investigating varied cases means that we have the experience and confidence to understand the best way to conduct a case; from where to look for information, to who to talk to, to how to communicate the information carefully between all parties. These are skills that slowly build up over years of everyday practices and routines, learning what works from processes and slowly fine tuning them to get to the truth, every single time. If you need our assistance here at Global Investigations, please contact us and let us know what we can do to help.

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