The Benefits of Hiring a Private Investigator for Your Manchester Business

If you intend to hire a private investigator for your Manchester business, you may be wondering what benefits a local detective can offer you. 

Whether you want a thorough background check on a new employee or need evidence of fraud to help in a criminal investigation, private investigative services are hugely effective in uncovering information that would otherwise stay hidden. 

While it may be tempting to undertake your own investigations to save you the outgoing costs of hiring a private investigator, the peace of mind from their expertise and talent far outweighs the money spent.  

Below are 3 main benefits of using a private investigator in Manchester for your business: 

Reliable Background Checks

Private investigators use tried and tested processes to make thorough and effective background checks. With access to a wealth of information, they have the know-how to find the truth about the person in question. 

They can also conduct background checks on businesses too. For instance, if your Manchester-based company is about to make a deal or merge with another company, a private investigator can conduct a background check so that you can be assured they are reputable with a clean history. 

Whatever you seek reassurance on, you can be assured that a private investigative firm can help, with many able to conduct an array of different background checks. Global Investigations offer employee vetting, nanny checks, criminal background checks, Know Your Customer checks, and credit checks. 

Backed By Experience

Investigations can be complex, so comprehensive methods and techniques are needed to untangle the truth. This is where a skilled investigative team can really shine and is one of the main reasons for hiring a private investigator.

You can expect the uppermost expertise in all intelligence matters, including the use of high-tech surveillance equipment.

What’s more, they have a great deal of expertise and training in handling complex situations that need to be carefully defused. At Global Investigations, we have over 27 years of discreet and confidential expertise, with a Manchester-based team that are highly trained in managing our clients’ risks and delivering results.

Sound Legal Knowledge

Private investigators are licensed to assist with legal matters and provide evidence to back legal proceedings. Using only legitimate avenues to collect information, everything uncovered by a professional investigator can be legally submitted in court and will serve as evidence to substantiate any claim you make. 

For instance, at Global Investigations, we offer our Tracking My Partner service to help you uncover your partner’s fraud if you believe they are not revealing all of their assets during your divorce proceedings. As a detective agency, we uncover any assets, such as property investments and any business directorships. 

Why You Should Choose Global Investigations? 

We are a highly discreet detective agency that offers an array of comprehensive services throughout Manchester, as well as the rest of the UK and internationally. Benefit from our local capabilities all over the Manchester area, whether in Stockport in the south or Bury in the north. 

Our private investigators can be deployed at just a moment’s notice with 24-hour flexibility for your business investigation and company protection services. 

With over 12,500 successful cases, you can count on us to solve your problem with our confidential expertise. 

For more information, please contact a member of our friendly team to discuss how we can help on 02082877770

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