The Benefits of Hiring a Female Private Investigator

Private Investigators in the UK and abroad are still predominately male, however many women are now choosing this as their line of work – and producing exceptional results!

Here at Global Investigations, we have several female detectives working for us making up approximately 45% of our staff. Like many of their male counterparts, they often come from law enforcement or military background and provide quality results in a variety of situations.

We understand that some of our clients may feel more at ease speaking with a woman and there are situations where a female detective may be better suited for a job and our team of highly trained female private investigators (PIs) are ready to help.

What are some situations where the use of female PIs can be advantageous?

The advantages of hiring a female private investigator include:

1. Cheating partners

Women (and men) who may suspect their partner of cheating, are often quite distressed and dealing with a barrage of emotions by the time they have called us.

Our female PI’s can help you talk through the situation. We often feel those who call us to help gather the concrete evidence they need are less self-conscious when speaking with a woman, and our female detectives can certainly understand the feelings of both sadness and anger that occur at this difficult time.

The more our clients open up to investigators, the better-quality information we are able to extract.

2. Surveillance

One area in which female investigators excel is surveillance. Many people assume private detectives are men with baseball caps and sunglasses and as such, a female private detective is much less likely to arouse suspicion and can blend into the crowd effortlessly. Often people don’t look twice at a woman sitting in a car, for example, but a man in the same situation may be cause for concern.

There are also areas that a male private investigator may draw too much suspicion, such as women’s department stores and salons.

3. ‘On the ground’ investigations

When making enquiries ‘on the ground’ such as in missing persons cases or when enquiries involve speaking with children or young teens, women detectives often receive a better reception from informants.

Our female detectives excel at discreet enquiries with friends and family members, and are often able to glean information that is crucial to our investigations.

What are some FAQs regarding female private investigators?

Below are the answers to the 3 most common questions we get:

1. Do female detectives work on all types of cases?

Yes, the female members of our team work on all manner of cases. They receive the same rigorous training as their male counterparts and are well-equipped to help in a wide variety of situations.

2. Who was the UK’s first female detective?

Coined as the UK’s first female detective, Maud West ran her own detective business in the 1920’s. She was well known for her undercover work, and she paved the way for women in the industry.

3. Can I request to speak with a female?

Of course – while our male investigators are always ready to listen and assist, they understand that some people would prefer for their enquiries to be handled by a female. We are here to make you feel as comfortable as possible when discussing your issue, and should you request a female, we would be happy to oblige.

All our female private investigators at Global Investigations are unique and able to provide their own insight into each case they work. Their diverse backgrounds, qualifications, and wealth of experience have proven invaluable for our clients and helped solidify our place as one of the top investigation agencies in the UK.

Please call us on 02082877770 to speak with one of our female investigators today.

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