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Find out which are our most popular services here at Global Investigations….

Here at Global Investigations, we pride ourselves on our ability to help you with almost any situation you come up against. From tracing a long lost relative, to bug sweeping your business, to conducting due diligence; whatever you need, we are more than capable of handling. Our skill set is incredibly far reaching, and our team has the equipment and the ability to covertly investigate almost anything you need us for. Whether you have worked with us here at Global before, or you’re considering calling us to help with a new case, have you ever wondered what type of work we are asked to undertake most often? After all, despite the huge variety of cases we can help with, there are bound to be one or two that are requested more commonly than others. While one of the best things about being a private investigator is the fact that every day and case is totally unpredictable, there are definitely some cases that occur in people’s lives more often than others; and so they are the services we are commonly asked to perform.

Our most popular investigative services are….

Tracking and monitoring spouse or partner

Nowadays, people are far more switched on to their partners behaving in an unacceptable manner, and they’re also a lot less tolerant of it, too. For that reason, we find that our tracking services are often called into play; specifically tracking partners or spouses. We can do anything from monitoring a suspect and their whereabouts to tracking their phone calls if you do suspect your partner is having an affair. It’s no surprise that this is such a popular service; if you are suspicious that your partner is cheating, it can cause no end of anguish, and you’ll be desperate to find out what the truth is.

Due diligence

Conducting due diligence before you are about to enter into any kind of business transaction is good sense – without conducting it you’ll be setting yourself up for all kinds of business damage and really putting yourself and your assets at a great risk. In a world where business deals and the like are quicker and easier to conduct than ever before, conducting due diligence makes sure everything is above board and legitimate.


When you require our tracing services, it’s usually a very sensitive situation. From a lost family member, to a person that owes you money or you have lent money to, to a missing beneficiary of a will, these situations always involve other parties other than simply yourself. That’s why we pride ourselves on our careful and delicate tracing service, and why we are trusted enough to be requested often.


Surveillance can cover anything from monitoring an office building to following a car, and is involved in a lot of our other processes and well as just straight surveillance. It’s a hugely effective process that always provides our clients with concrete evidence; whether that’s to credit that what they believe is true, or to help them dismiss about their suspicions and move on. As surveillance is such a key aspect of so many of our services, it’s really no wonder that it’s such a requested service. Whatever service you need us for, whether it’s one of our most popular or something else a little more obscure, we are here to help with anything you need; our main goal is to provide you with peace of mind. Contact us here at Global Investigations to get your case up and running.

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