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Global Investigations has been delivering great services with skilled private detectives in Kent and around the UK for over 25 years. We specialise in finding evidence for our clients in Kent using our specialist professional and ethical approaches.

Our skilled Kent-based private investigators are fully trained in locating financial debtors, conducting background checks, completing surveillance on a partner, or assisting in any of our other many services. We are pleased to be able to provide specialised, discreet, and affordable Kent investigations on an individual or commercial level.


Why You Should Choose Global Investigations

> We provide a prompt and confidential service, which we recognise is crucial for all clients.

> Our outstanding 25 years in business is an excellent advantage as it demonstrates our depth of knowledge.

> Our Kent private investigators take pride in all the work we are instructed to do, and we value each client. 

> We have local, knowledgeable agents in Kent that can provide a quick turnaround in as little as 4 hours. We have agents in Tunbridge, Folkestone, Canterbury as well as the many other areas in Kent. Global is set to ensure that all our clients’ requirements are met by a private investigator Kent.


Are Your Services Confidential?

At Global Investigations, we ensure that we offer complete confidentiality with all of our private investigator services. It is essential that all clients have faith in our work ethics.


A Sample of our Range of Services in Kent include:

A full range of Tracing Services:

We can search for financial debtors, missing persons, or long-lost friends. A Kent private investigator can trace nationally and internationally for missing persons.

Covert Surveillance:

Our specialist surveillance team is always on hand for all matters such as matrimonial/partner cases as well as child custody cases, employment absenteeism, pre-nuptial agreements and many more. Surveillance is a beneficial way to provide our treasured clients with peace of mind and the necessary facts to enable them to make the right choices.

Tracking Partners:

Our specifically chosen GPS trackers, software, and knowledgeable personnel mean we offer superior vehicle tracking services. This is a reliable service.

Background Checks:

These comprehensive reports can be conducted on a national and international basis. Our skilful investigators are able to provide these OSINT (Open-source intelligence) reports to a very high standard. They can evaluate information in a very different way which is only ever beneficial to the client.

Due Diligence:

We recognise the importance of running thorough due diligence and in many cases, we are asked to undertake investigations to confirm the legitimacy and reputation of a company and often the individuals behind it.

Pre-Sues & Status Reports:

Our pre-sue, also known as pre-litigation, reports are an excellent tool in helping to determine whether it is worth taking an individual or business to court.

Process Serving Agents:

Our Process Serve agents are highly competent in their field and have the capabilities to ensure that they efficiently get the job accomplished.

We have many satisfied clients from Kent and would invite you to look at our testimonials, you can be guaranteed all work is conducted by Global Investigations to a high quality.

Besides Kent, we also provide our services throughout the UK and overseas. A variety of agents can be found across the nation, including:


If you need to hire a private investigator in Kent for a comprehensive investigation, then contact us today on 08000 733 555 or fill out the form below to enquire online.