Don’t get caught out; how to make sure your private detective agency is legitimate

It happens rarely, but when it does happen, the fallout can be immense. Someone posing as a private detective is incredibly frustrating, unethical, and damaging; not to mention a waste of their client’s time and money. In fact, it can actually be treated as a criminal offence. A recent case in the US reminded us of this. A South Carolina man was arrested for proclaiming to be a private detective, without any valid licenses or accreditations. He had at one time worked as a professional private investigator, and was now charging clients for work long after his license had been expired. The clients in question were horrified to have placed their trust in a dishonest person, and of course, their cases remained unsolved.

Why is it so bad for people to lie about being a private investigator?

Apart from the lying and the deceit? There are so many reasons why this is an awful thing for a person to do. They are taking money from you in a highly wrong manner, they are abusing your trust during a difficult and sensitive situation in your life. They are potentially able to get you into a lot of trouble. They are risking criminal offences; if they have no licence, the processes they undertake could often be against the law, and at worst they’re stalking. A fake private detective also won’t actually legally be able to undertake many of the practices that make accredited agencies like Global Investigations so brilliant. So you’ll be getting a half baked service, and you’re unlikely to receive many answers – and they answers you do get could very well be made up.

How can you make sure it doesn’t happen to you?

Firstly, you should always check that your detective agency has a license. If you’re in the UK and looking for a UK based agency, you can find this out through the Associate of British Investigators (ABI), where all legitimate agencies will b accredited. You should then also check their website to see who they are endorsed by or approved by. For example, Global Investigations are approved by the CSA and the International Association for Debt Recovery, are a British Agents Member, and endorsed National Association Professional Background Screeners. The more endorsements the agency has, the more trustworthy they will be. Also, checking out how many services they offer, and how thoroughly they are willing to dig on your behalf is a good indication. Authentic detective agencies will offer you a full and thorough investigative service, so anyone not willing to do this deserves a wide berth. Getting caught out by a fake private investigator would be a disaster; so don’t let it happen to you. Research your agency before you make the call, and if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. If you would like to work with a completely professional and friendly detective agency, we here at Global Investigations are the team for you. Contact us to discuss whatever you need our help with.

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