Did you know that 49% of divorce cases now involve evidence from a private investigator?

In the last few years, there have been reports that 49% of divorce cases were instigated by evidence found by a private detective. That means that in nearly half of all divorces, a private investigator found the information needed to kick off the proceedingsThis is obviously an incredibly difficult and sad situation. On one hand, if your trusted partner is betraying you in anyway behind your back, you deserve to know about it. On the other hand, divorce is regularly voted to be one of the most stressful situations for a person to go through; not to mention the fact that a family could be torn apart and lives could be ruined in process.However, when you do suspect that your spouse is carrying out damaging behaviour, it’s definitely best to get it out in the open. And with evidence from a private investigator, at least people will be certain that they’re making the right decision and not carrying out the process under false assumptions.

What kind of behaviour is found by private investigator that leads to a divorce case?

The type of thing discovered by a private investigator that leads to a divorce can vary wilding. A lot of the time, a client has a suspicion that something in particular is going on. This could be anything from infidelity, to spending habits, to criminal behaviour, to communication with an undesirable person. Any time a client is suspicious that their partner is lying to them, a private investigator can work to determine what is really going on.

How do private detective agencies find the kind of info needed to start divorce proceedings?

The most common practice used by a private investigator would be monitoring your spouse. That could mean in a certain location at a certain time – for example at their place of work, at an evening activity, or even at a hotel if the client is suspicious that any wrongdoing is going on there. Or, it could just mean monitoring them as they go about their daily lives, looking for anything that could suggest infidelity, disloyalty or any behaviour that their partner would find out of the question.

Here at Global Investigations, our systems for monitoring spouses is called upon often, and has been refined over the years to be incredibly effective; completely covert, fast and thorough. While we don’t like finding out some of the information we then have to report back to a devastated client, the fact that they are then in a very strong position to begin their divorce proceedings is a massive positive. If you’re suspicious that your partner is being unfaithful, or lying to you in anyway, and you would like to be one of the divorce cases with evidence to back them up before you begin, please contact us here at Global Investigations, or come and visit us in our office; our spouse monitoring system can help put you in the strongest possible position.

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