Did My Partner Cheat on Me at The Birmingham Office Christmas Party?

As the saying goes, “what happens at the Christmas party stays at the Christmas party.” With mistletoe kisses and large alcohol consumption, office Christmas parties are renowned for being the perfect opportunity for infidelity.

But just how common do co-workers have a fling at this annual event? It’s very prevalent if the percentages revealed by surveys are anything to go by.

As the festive season nears and businesses plan their Christmas office parties, we thought we would answer your pressing questions surrounding cheating partners at the Birmingham office Christmas party:

  • How Common are Affairs at The Office Christmas Party?
  • What Should you Look out for?
  • What Should I do if I Suspect my Partner is Cheating on me?
  • Where Can I Hire a Private Investigator in Birmingham to Catch a Cheating Partner?

How Common are Affairs at The Office Christmas Party?

A survey of over 4,000 people revealed that 31% of first kisses between colleagues occur at the office Christmas party, with 45% of survey participants admitted having got involved with a co-worker at some point during their professional life.

With partners absent, office Christmas parties are a hotbed for cheating and are the ideal opportunity to explore flirtatious behaviour that could spark the beginning of an ongoing affair. As a result, co-workers may feel that the party excuses them from the consequences of such behaviour.

What Should you Look out for?

If you are the one left at home whilst your partner goes to the office Christmas party, you may be worrying whether you should trust them or not. To put yourself in control, there are some tell-tale signs of infidelity you can look out for:

  1. Your partner is being distant with you.
  2. They have already warned you that they may crash on a co-worker’s sofa so as not to wake you or the children up.
  3. They have put an unusual amount of effort into their appearance for the night.
  4. They denied wanting to go, but it is obvious that they did.

What Should I do if I Suspect My Partner is Cheating on Me?

If you suspect that your partner may cheat at the office Christmas party, you might benefit from our covert surveillance service. Our experienced UK private investigators can blend into any setting and have the versatility to follow your partner after the party, helping you better understand what situation you are dealing with.

If the party is being hosted at a public place or venue, our investigators can pose as a patron and obtain images and/or videos of your partner’s behaviour. In doing so, our private detectives will gain evidence of any unfaithful behaviour and provide this information to you with care and sympathy.

If the party is at a private venue, our agents can be “on guard” close by and observe your partner coming out for smoke breaks or leaving to go elsewhere. In the event where they go to a hotel or go back to a colleague’s residence, we can have our diligent UK private detectives follow them to document their behaviour and interactions.

Where Can I Hire a Private Investigator in Birmingham to Catch a Cheating Partner?

You can hire a UK private investigator with Global Investigations for all your needs. Our UK private detectives are positioned efficiently wherever you need us, and our trusted customer service team will ensure that you feel secure and satisfied with our assistance.

If it is necessary, our tracing agents can locate the person your partner appears to have been intimate with, allowing you to know where they live. We can also perform a background check to get a better understanding of who you are dealing with and conduct due diligence to arm you with everything you need to know.

You can rest assured that our services and your personal matters are dealt with in complete confidentiality.

Whatever the outcome is, you are always our top priority and we will help you to move on with your life without worry.

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