What equipment does a detective agency use for surveillance?

When it comes to the equipment detective agencies utilise for their work, people often have very extreme ideas about what is used! Blame the depiction of private investigators in pop culture and the media; that’s probably the reason people usually imagine private investigators to have a car boot full of the latest technology, custom made for them to keep track on a target’s every possible move. It seems that in most cases, very often people have got a detective agency confused with a secret spy service! So it’s no wonder people are always curious about the type of equipment used for all of our investigations. There are definitely a lot of people who are genuinely excited and interested to understand what type of equipment is used for surveillance and other processes.

However, on the other hand, there are also a lot of people who are thinking of making that call to us here at Global Investigations to engage our surveillance services, and they may actually be in need of some reassurance. Whatever the reason you need our service, we know that it can often be a confusing and difficult time for you, and you’ll want to know about every detail of that process to feel more relaxed  – and that includes being reassured about the equipment used in our investigations.So, whether you’d like to know about the equipment we’re most likely to use for your private investigation, or you’re in need of a little bit more information before you feel totally sure about committing to our service,  we’ll talk you through some of the equipment we most commonly use for surveillance. It may not quite be the James Bond armoury you were imagining, but trust us when we say these items seriously deliver results!

Here at Global Investigations, when it comes to a surveillance case, we will use…

  • Covert cameras

Probably the most popular piece of kit used by our team during surveillance, covert cameras are actually hidden on each agent themselves. This means that if they come into contact with the target, or are near to them, they can subtly record the situation and come away from the scene with concrete proof – perhaps of who the person in question is with, or of the location they’re in, or of the actions they are taking part in.

  • Miniature hidden audio and digital devices

These devices are so small and discrete they’re impossible for an outsider to notice, but they are adept at picking up crystal clear sounds and images in even the most crowded or noisy areas.  Again, these are usually actually placed on our agents themselves.

  • Audio bugs where possible

If we know in advance where a target is likely to be, and it’s an area we can easily fix with audio bugs, these are a hugely effective way of finding out the information we need. These tiny, unnoticeable bugs can tell us what the target is talking about, who they are dealing and engaging with….all the information we need to report back to you as evidence.

  • Tracking and monitoring equipment

Our agents will monitor people remotely maybe even before the job would begin, to web aware of their movements and regular patterns and to also confirm their attendance before we set up our teams. Does the surveillance equipment we use match up to what you imagined a private investigator using? If you feel as though you need us to execute these techniques in a case of your own, please contact us or pop in to see us at our offices.

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