Could My Spouse Be Having an Emotional Affair?

You may be shocked to hear that around 45% of men and 35% of women have confessed to having some kind of emotional affair. It’s no wonder that so many people in the UK decide to invest in a private investigation team to discover whether their partner is having an affair, either emotional or otherwise.

One reason for it being so common is that many people don’t regard it as cheating, but an affair doesn’t have to be physical to be an act of betrayal: around 88% of women said they were more concerned about their partners engaging in an emotional affair than in a physical one, leaving no doubt of the devastation it can cause.

So, what should you do if you suspect your partner to be emotionally attached to someone outside of your marriage?

In this article, we cover: 

  • What is an Emotional Affair?
  • What Counts as Emotional Cheating?
  • How to Identify an Emotional Affair
  • How Global Investigations Can Help
  • How to Find out More About our Services

What is an Emotional Affair?

Broadly, an emotional affair is defined as a nonsexual, intimate relationship with someone other than your partner that creates the same feelings of separation, dishonesty, and secrecy caused from a sexual affair.

Unfortunately, with round-the-clock technology like mobile phones, it has never been easier for covert communication and to fall into the grey area between “friends” and being “more than friends.”

What Counts as Emotional Cheating?

The parameters of emotional cheating are a personal one. You may define emotional infidelity as your partner having a crush on somebody else, while another person might be fine with their partner flirting with someone over Facebook so long as they never meet with them in person. 

Ultimately, couples must decide for themselves what constitutes as breaking a boundary in their relationship.

How to Identify an Emotional Affair

If you’re reading this then you probably already have a gut feeling that your spouse is having an emotional affair, but how can you be sure?  

Below are 6 tell-tale signs that apply to both a cheating woman or a cheating man: 

1.Something feels “off” in the relationship

Your partner is pulling away from you and the certain degree of intimacy you shared feels lost. You may even sense that they are preoccupied with something (or rather, someone) else.

2. Your partner is acting secretive 

At one time, your partner shared everything with you, but now they make excuses to get out of the house, away from you for long periods of time. 

On top of that, they guard their mobile phone, making sure you can’t see who they’ve been communicating with.

3. There is a growing distance between the two of you 

The intimacy gap is widening both emotionally and physically. They are distant, cold, and are often either too tired or busy to make time for you. 

Having an emotional affair takes up a lot of time and energy, not least to cover up their tracks from you.

4. Your partner is spending more time at work 

Work and work-related functions is a reasonable excuse to spend less time with you, especially if there is a specific project that requires them to be in the office for longer hours.

But if this is coupled with them always working with a certain co-worker who also works the same hours, then alarm bells ought to be ringing.

5. They suddenly change their appearance

They suddenly change or have a preoccupation with their appearance, such as losing weight or changing their haircut. This could be a sign that your partner is trying to impress someone.

The same applies if they develop a new interest out of the blue that neither of you had an interest in before.

6. Your partner becomes critical of you

Their behaviour has changed negatively towards you. For example, they could be irritable or more critical of the things you do.

How Global Investigations can help 

Unless it is admitted, the majority of emotional affairs are never disclosed to a spouse. That’s why hiring a London private investigator is important to get the peace of mind you deserve.

With extensive experience in the matrimonial investigations sector, Global Investigations are industry leaders in uncovering emotional affairs, piecing together a coherent and in-depth picture of your partner’s actions.

From working with hundreds of individuals, we understand that no two cases are ever the same. Taking a personalised approach, we take note of all your concerns after initial discussions with you and propose a number of the most suitable methods of surveillance.

Surveillance techniques

Our number one priority is being covert so that the suspect in question remains oblivious to being observed.

Initial surveillance techniques may include background checks, undercover surveillance, as well as any number of our other tried and trusted in-house techniques.

Additionally, in most circumstances, our private detectives are able to report back to you with audio and visual evidence of what has happened that very day.

How to Find out More About Our Services

We are empathetic private detectives and make it our priority to make you feel at ease when discussing your personal requests with us.

Promising discretion, honesty, and value for money, we strive to provide our clients with swift and accurate information for them to use however they wish to do so.

For more on our private investigative services, get in touch with one of our professional agents and they will be more than happy to provide you with any information regarding your situation.

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