Can A Private Investigator Help with Child Custody Cases?

You might want to consider a private investigator if you are going through a child custody case. Using a range of methods to gather evidence, they will ensure that you have enough evidence to win the custody battle and protect your child.

In this article, we cover the ways that a private investigator can help with child custody cases and what to expect when going forward with one in court:

Why a Private Detective May be Used 

There is no doubt that child custody cases can be tough, with both parties wanting what they perceive to be the best for their child. The court will require evidence about the quality of care each person might deliver and any concerns surrounding safeguarding.
In this event, a child custody investigation may be called for, which would involve observations of parenting and scrutinizing any aspects of care that could be lacking or harmful.

Anything that jeopardises the safety of the child, such as ill-treatment or drug and alcohol abuse, can be recorded by a private investigator. Their observations can then be used as legal evidence in court to help your case.

Types of Child Custody

There are several types of child custody you could be fighting for: 

Legal custody

  • gives you full rights over decision-making for your child. 

Physical custody

  • permits your child to live with you in your home and stops them from being legally removed from your care.

Sole custody

  • allows your child to live with you and grants you legal rights to make decisions on their behalf.

Joint custody

  • enables both legal guardians to have shared rights over their child and to make decisions about their care and education. 

The approach your private investigator and legal team take will depend on the type of custody case you are facing, but the methods that private investigators use to collate information are appropriate for each sort.

How Can A UK Private Detective Help for Child Custody?

A private investigator can gain proof of neglectful behaviour that will convince the court to award you custody. Without concrete evidence, your word will carry little weight in court. 

To gather the evidence needed to support your child custody case, there are three main ways private investigators go about it: 


– private detectives will observe how your ex-partner cares for your child and whether any abuse or neglect is occurring. Private detectives are very skilled at determining if alcohol or drugs are involved and will be able to testify to their home environment and behaviour.

They will follow the suspected individual around using covert surveillance, documenting their actions and whereabouts to gather valuable evidence. 

Depending on your custody situation, they may also gather evidence that your ex-partner is cohabitating with another individual. If your ex-partner has not reported that they are cohabiting, then proof of cohabitation would prove crucial in court.

Witness statements 

– a private investigator can interview independent witnesses to confirm the person in question’s conduct, suitability, and character. These testimonials are a common practice and can prove to be very powerful in court. 

For example, if you suspect that your ex-partner is behaving problematically, then a private investigator can interview their co-workers or business partners to confirm your suspicions.

Background information

 – a private investigator will carry out a background check on your ex-partner to determine whether they have a questionable past (e.g., criminal records) and if they have possess sufficient finances to properly care for your child.

Additionally, a private detective can do a background check or due diligence check on each of the ex-partner’s family members, neighbours, and business associates if it provides an advantage to your child custody case.

Hire a Private Investigator with Global Investigations

At Global Investigations, our private detectives have worked with many individuals throughout the UK in legal matters and have helped perform the necessary investigations in child custody battles. 

With over 25 years of experience in the Private Investigations industry, all our private detectives are extremely discreet and are able to adapt to all case and situations.

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