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Our international presence means we are never limited

As our name suggests, at Global Investigations, we don’t just limit ourselves to working here in the UK. Although we are based in Kingston, Surrey, we are more than willing to travel for those who need our help.

This means that our investigations don’t stop just because the results are found overseas – we have the means to undertake an investigation right through to the end. Global Investigations can follow work wherever you need us to, and we can operate all over the world.  We have teams of private investigators all over the UK and abroad. This includes two bug sweeping teams, one specifically used for this type of work in overseas countries. Our team is multilingual, so we are more than able to accurately and coherently follow up leads and queries, no matter the location. Whatever type of private investigative work you need help with, we have you covered.

While it’s most common for our work to take us to Europe, we are never limited – previous investigations have led us to America, the Middle East and across Asia. Truly, wherever you need to be, we can get there.


Our international presence lets us follow your investigation to the end, wherever it may take us

Our international capabilities are especially useful when it comes to tracing. If, during the course of our investigation, we we discover that the focus of our work lives in another country, we are more than happy to follow up that lead and travel to the place in question. Our international presence allows us to follow leads through to the end, no matter where in the world the answers are – so you’ll never be left to finish the tracing yourself.

Global Investigations’ international presence is also called into action often for surveillance. If you have a spouse or family member abroad on holiday, and you’re concerned about their behaviour, you can ensure that a member of our team is right where they are, and ready to report back on their actions. Peace of mind shouldn’t be dictated by location – and that’s why we are always ready to travel to help anyone who requires our assistance.

You can always be assured that with Global Investigations, your problem will be handled until you see results, no matter how far we have to go to achieve them.

If need help with any type of investigative work, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Global Investigations. Do not be concerned if you think the work might take us abroad – it’s no problem for us, and won’t deter our process.

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