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London-based surveillance company Global Investigations specialises in providing professional and experienced private investigators to an extremely diverse client base.

We offer both commercial and domestic clients a great wealth of private investigation services. These include:

> Romance and matrimonial investigations

> Company and competitor investigations

> Parent and heir tracing

> Bug sweeping and debugging

> Fraud investigations

> Copyright infringement

> Background checks

Our London-based surveillance team of highly-skilled private detectives are extremely proficient and always undertake their work with the greatest subtlety, sensitivity and professionalism. This means you can be assured you will receive a discreet and efficient service at all times, no matter where you are based.


Private Investigations in London – Tailored to Your Needs

Our reputation as leading private investigators in London is recognised worldwide. This is due to our positive track record of taking on and solving both local and international cases. In each and every case we accept, we take careful consideration to ensure your needs, as the client, are met throughout every aspect of the work we undertake.

Unlike other private investigation services, we have the capacity to recognise and adapt to your unique requirements and will always endeavour to meet and exceed your expectations. We have so much confidence in our expert, bespoke investigative services that we offer a ‘No success, No fee’ option to all clients.


London’s Leading Detective Agency

With a large team of bilingual private detectives and with over 80 years of collaborative experience under our belt, Global Investigations is one of the leading providers of successful private investigations and covert surveillance in London and across the globe.

We are trusted by some of the world’s most successful brands and enterprises, which means, you too can rely on us to help you successfully and confidentially achieve your investigative objectives.

To find out more about how our undercover services can assist you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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We are the highest rated private detective firm in the UK, trading  for over 29 years. Your confidentiality is prerequisite with all we do and your case will be handled with the utmost care. Ask us anything and we will be happy to assist, with no obligation to proceed at all.