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Did you know that a private investigator could do these things for you?

Here at Global Investigations our skill set is very varied indeed. In fact, we pride ourselves on being able to carry out nearly any investigative process you need to solve your issue and gain some peace of mind. Obviously, there are a lot of services that are more popular than others – we are very often called upon to investigate extramarital affairs or cheating partners by tracking them, for example, or to find a missing person or family member through tracing.

We know that anyone who needed our services could get a very good idea of what we could provide for them from our website, and indeed the categories you see here are broadly what we can take care of for you – tracking, tracing, bug sweeping, fraud and legal, and so on. Very often, however, it seems that clients don’t realise the scale of options and processes that could go on within each of these services.

Many people don’t understand the lengths that private investigators can go to in order to solve issues for our clients, or the level of detailed work we can do for you within each investigation – it’s never simply just determining whether or not a partner is having an affair!

Here are some of countless things that private investigators can do for within your case, should you require it….

  • Locate social networking profiles
  • Perform background checks
  • Follow cases and targets abroad
  • Locate witnesses
  • Search for hidden current or historic assets
  • Locate assets either at home or abroad
  • Find and secure inheritances and beneficiaries
  • Find probate records
  • Identify connections between people, employers or companies
  • Identify education and employment history
  • Identify business or stock ownership
  • Interview witnesses or leads
  • Research existing or historic property holdings
  • Find birth, death, marriage, divorce and bankruptcy records
  • Find mugshots, criminal records and arrest warrants
  • Locate phone numbers and identity phone owners
  • Trace family histories
  • Identify aliases
  • Provide a reassuring presence during a difficult time
  • Matrimonial enquiries to determine situations
  • Complex fraud enquiries to determine scenarios

A private detective can do all of this and much more without ever once drawing attention to themselves or making anyone else aware of what they’re doing. Forgive us for perhaps be biased, but we think that’s some serious talent!

It’s clear that when you hire one of our exceptional team here at Global Investigations, you’re not hiring people who will simply go through the motions to pass the hours away. Our private investigators work on your behalf, and as you can see, they really do go to any means necessary to find the answers you need.

We hope this list has given you a far more detailed understanding of exactly what goes on during a private investigation; and if you’d like to apply these skills and processes to a situation in your own life, please contact us and let us know how we can be of service.

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