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Global Site & Blog/News Launch


The Brand New Global Blog Is Ready For Launch!

The waiting has finally ended– we at Global Investigations are immensely proud to announce the opening of our new website and hope you enjoy it as much as we did creating it.

We’re confident that with the site now up and running, we can begin to pass on our mountains of experience within the private investigation field.

Our fresh website has been crafted to bring you the best possible experience. We don’t want you scratching your head and getting lost, so have taken great care to make your stay a positive and user friendly one. Feel free to check out the brand new site now and see for yourself!

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A New Blog Has Been Born

Not only are we excited by our wonderful new website, but are delighted to announce our blog is back, bigger and better than ever.

At the new look blog, you can browse through and learn about all kinds of material relating to Global Investigations and counter surveillance. There will be how-to guides, news, reviews and just about everything you need to know about top notch, state-of-the-art investigations.

You might ask yourself, “Why do Global need a blog?” The truth is that we have too much valuable information not to share. It would be criminal not to impart some of this knowledge to you, the reader.

So say hello and welcome the brand new blog! We hope that it will inspire and teach you about many things, especially if you are looking for some answers in the world of private investigations. Our blog posts will resonate with passion and experience and be a fitting addition to our new website.

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Link In With Us Today

Coinciding with the launch of the blog and website, we at Global Investigations have high hopes of sharing our message worldwide and connecting with as many people in need as possible. The time has come for us to go global!

To really make this possible, our aim is to inspire your questions and queries. So if you want to know about tracking a loved one, tracing assets, the latest vehicle surveillance equipment, or the cost of a private investigator in your area, then we’ll be there in a flash with the answer.

So, make a link with us today and don’t forget to follow the latest investigation news on our blog. We’re here to help you understand more and not be afraid to ask any questions.

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