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Tracing in the UK

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Global Investigations has been operating since the 1990s. Initially set up to deal with debtor tracing in the UK, we have evolved over the years and now offer a great deal of other tracing specialisms.


Retaining Personal Relationships

Whether someone is searching for a long lost relative, an old friend, or their birth parents in the case of adoption. Searching for people can be an extremely difficult task, even if you have a valid lead to follow, however, you can trust us to provide you with the expert help you need to locate the person you’re looking for.

Each personal tracing case we handle is absolutely unique, and we always treat it as such. You can rest assured that we will use every resource at our disposal to get you the results you need in an efficient and sensitive manner.


Recovering Debt

We offer Employment Tracing, which means we can help you to quickly and easily recover your costs from debtors. We can also advise and start the process, Attachments of Earnings, which is where a person’s wages are taken to pay their debt to you. Volume tracing and asset tracing is also available, where we look to discover property and assets in the names of the individuals in debt to you, and use these assets/property to serve as appropriate reimbursement.


How do we Trace in the UK?

Our staff are a mixture of old and new to the tracing industry, which means our organisation not only has a wealth of experience and expertise within the industry but also an innovate, evolving outlook on the methods we can use for tracing in the UK.

Our staff are trained in-house in various tracing techniques such as, filter tracing, database tracing, trace and credit score, trace and serve, trace and contact, and trace and employer information and background checks. The majority of our in-house agents are also multilingual, which means you can trust that any international tracing operations will be completed professionally and accurately.


Pioneering methods

We were the very first UK company to offer call-through tracing. This service is an innovative approach to connecting the subject being traced back to the client in order to discuss the grievance. The process involves our initial tracing of the subject, getting them on the phone, explaining who we are and why we have traced them. We then transfer the call through to the client, where further discussions can take place.

We were also the first company to accept tracing requests through a website. Our online portal allows you to enter all the details of your tracing request quickly and efficiently. The tracing request comes through to us immediately and within 20 minutes; the case is logged and, provided we are happy with the reasons for the request, allocated to a member of our team.

We offer a huge number of ways for our corporate clients to trace individuals, from filter tracing, express tracing, database tracing, bulk tracing and tracing for new addresses, to tracing to establish subjects’ employers and insurance details.


Finding People Around the World

Our services are not limited to the UK alone. We have a great deal of experience locating people across the globe, from Europe and America to the Middle East and Asia. We have established many excellent relationships with agencies across the world. This ensures our agents have all the right connections when it comes to tracing people in another country, which means you can be assured your tracing request will be completed as quickly and accurately as possible. We truly believe we are the UK’s finest tracing agency and can offer you unrivalled expertise and customer service. This makes us the number 1 choice if you are trying to locate somebody but currently failing. For further information on our services, please contact us by email, phone or via our site, to discuss your requirements with a member of our trace team.

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