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If you are owed money from someone, tracing employers will make sure you receive it

The business world can unfortunately be a tough one to navigate, and it’s a sad fact of life that sometimes people are not as open, honest and transparent as they seem.

If you are in a situation where you are owed money or some other kind of payment, you may be considering tracing as a solution to finally receiving what you are owed. This may be because you cannot get in contact with them, or because they are telling you they don’t have the funds to repay you. An effective way of handling this, is for us here at Global Investigations to carry out employer tracing.

Employer tracing is an excellent and covert way of finding out where the person in question works, so you can explore the possibilities of contacting them for your payment. We can carefully trace and check if the person in question is employed (whether that’s self employed for for a company), and then ascertain where

You will now have all the information you need; whether the person in question really does have the funds to repay you or whether they are truly unemployed, or you’ll have a location and contact details to get in touch with them.  In some cases, this knowledge will allow us to carry out a wages arrest, until you have finally received the payment you are owed. In any case, you will have concrete proof of where and when this person works – so you can either get in direct contact with them, or ask an authority to take care of the situation for you.


Global Investigations are experts at all types of tracing, and employer tracing is no different

We take the safety and integrity of your business incredibly seriously, and our diligent tracing work represents this. We have been awarded tracing firm of the year by the M&A Awards, which proves our efficiency and excellent results in this area.

As we’ve been conducting tracing work for over 20 years, we have fine tuned our practice to work quickly and cover every possible base, so you will always have the reassurance you need without any stress. Our employer tracing practice is thorough, covert and designed to find out everything important you need to know about potential employees.


It’s always worth taking the precaution of employer tracing

Although some may deem it unnecessary, it’s so worth taking the time to call us here at Global Investigations, for all the advice you need about employer tracing. When you understand our detailed process, you’ll feel certain that tracing really is the most beneficial option to give you total peace of mind.  There’s no point taking a risk – if you need to find information about a person, put your interests first, and make sure you and your business are protected by tracing them. Contact us here at Global Investigations if you’d like to begin the proceedings.