What Can I Do With a Background Check from a Private Investigator?

Today, it’s crucial to verify the information you get from individuals. Whether you’re an employer looking to hire the right candidate or an individual considering a personal or business relationship, background checks, conducted by professional investigators like those at Global Investigations, offer a comprehensive overview of an individual’s past, helping you make informed decisions.


Below, we look at what to do with a background check from a private investigator and how it can benefit you. 

Understanding Background Checks

A background check is a thorough investigation into an individual’s history. It can encompass various aspects, depending on your specific needs, including:


  • Employment history checks – Verifies past employment details, including job titles, dates of employment, and reasons for leaving.
  • Reference checks – Provides insights into an applicant’s performance and work ethic by contacting past employers or supervisors.
  • Education verification – Confirms the legitimacy of educational qualifications claimed by the applicant.

How Can a Background Check from a Private Investigator Help You?

There are different types of background checks, but the two major applications are:

1. Employment Background Checks

Conducting employee vetting is a critical step in the recruitment process to help employers make well-informed hiring decisions and protect your company. Here are some key ways a background check can assist with pre-employment screening::


  • Verify employment history and credentials – Background checks can confirm an applicant’s claimed work history, including their experience, job titles, and academic qualifications, ensuring you hire individuals with the necessary skills and qualifications.
  • Uncover criminal records – A criminal background check can reveal past convictions or pending charges against a potential employee, helping you assess potential risks and make informed hiring decisions.
  • Assess financial responsibility – Credit checks can provide insights into an applicant’s financial history, including bankruptcies or outstanding debts, alerting you to potential fraud or theft risks.
  • Ensure compliance and mitigate legal risks – Depending on your industry, certain background checks may be mandatory to comply with regulations and protect your organisation from potential legal liabilities.

2. Personal and Business Relationship Background Screenings

Background checks can provide peace of mind when it comes to personal and business relationships. Consider these scenarios:


  • Vetting potential partners – Whether you’re considering a business partnership or a personal relationship (e.g., a fiancé, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc.), a background check can uncover crucial information about an individual’s character, reputation, and potential red flags.
  • Ensuring family safety – If you’re hiring a nanny, caregiver, or any individual who will have access to your home and family, a background check can help ensure their suitability and trustworthiness.
  • Investigating potential tenants – As a landlord, you can conduct a background check on prospective tenants can help you assess their reliability and minimise the risk of financial or property-related issues.
  • Protecting your assets – A background check can help you identify potential risks and make informed decisions before entering into significant financial transactions or investments.


At Global Investigations, our comprehensive background screening services can provide you with the insights you need to navigate personal and professional relationships confidently.

Global Investigations’ Comprehensive Background Check Process

Global Investigations offers a thorough background check process designed to deliver the information you need to make informed decisions. Here’s a breakdown of what we do:


  • Identity verification – We start by confirming the basics, such as name, date of birth, and address history. This builds a solid foundation for the entire investigation.
  • Education and employment verification – We check employment references by contacting past employers and educational institutions directly to confirm the candidate’s employment history and academic qualifications.
  • In-depth analysis – For a deeper look, we analyse public records and credit reports to identify financial liabilities like debts and bankruptcies.
  • Digital footprint review – We explore the candidate’s online presence and social media activity to gain insights into their character and behaviour.

Why Choose a Private Investigator for Background Checks?

While you can do a basic background check online yourself, a private investigator or background check company offers a more thorough and nuanced investigation by:

Completing In-Depth Research

Private investigators have the expertise and resources to uncover information not readily available through online searches. They can check public records in more detail, conduct discreet interviews, and comprehensively verify references.

Complying with Regulations 

Background checks must comply with relevant data protection laws. Private investigators understand these legalities and ensure the screening process is conducted ethically and lawfully.

Tailoring Investigations

A private investigator can tailor the background check to your specific needs. They’ll discuss your concerns and design a screening process that addresses them directly.

Getting the Most From Background Screenings

Background checks are a powerful tool for mitigating risks and making informed decisions. By utilising the services of a professional private investigator, you gain access to a comprehensive and legally compliant investigation that provides valuable insights into an individual’s background.

Global Investigations: Your Trusted Partner for Background Checks

At Global Investigations, we understand the importance of thorough and reliable background checks. Our experienced investigators leverage a proven methodology and adhere to strict legal guidelines to deliver accurate and actionable results. 

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and learn how our background check services can give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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