Asset Tracing

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Why is it important to carry out asset tracing?

At Global Investigations, we undertake all methods of tracing, in order to give our clients the evidence and peace of mind they need in a variety of situations. One type of tracing we carry out often is asset tracing.

What is asset tracing?

In it’s most simple terms, asset tracing is the practice of covertly looking into the background of a targeted person, in order to decipher the assets they own. These assets could be anything from actual money, to property, to vehicles, to investments and even overseas assets. Anything the person or business in question legally owns, asset tracing will find. Here at Global Investigations, we’re experts at undertaking asset tracing, as we are with any other kind of tracing you may need. However, even though many people may be aware of what asset tracing is, they might not realise the importance of carrying it out, or even realise it could be a very valuable option for them.

What is the importance of asset tracing?

To be direct – asset tracing is the thing that could save you in a difficult situation. Asset tracing is most commonly needed during legal situations that can be emotionally troubling and hard to experience; such as a divorce, the breakdown of a business, or a falling out with a business partner.

For anyone, these kind of events can be highly distressing, and the most hurtful and unfair thing about them is that during the course of the action, you could be branded a liar, or not receive what you deserve – all because of the dishonest actions of someone else. If you believe that your former spouse is neglecting to disclose correct financial records, or if you know that your business partner is lying about the properties they own, asset tracing should be your first port of call.

In these cases, it’s so important to have Global Investigations conduct asset tracing on your behalf. Not only will our results give you concrete evidence that proves what you’re saying is the truth, it means you’ll be able to clear your name and hold your head high. The results of our asset tracing will be presented by us in an official manner that you can confidently use in any legal situations – you will have the definitive proof to clear your name and receive what you are rightly owed.

Even if you are not in a situation where you feel you are being personally attacked or not receiving what you are owed, if you are in any way suspicious that a person you’re dealing with lying about their assets, you should never take the risk. Have us conduct asset tracing on your behalf, as it’s certainly always better to be safe than sorry.

If you require Global Investigations’ services for asset tracing, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.