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How often is your husband, wife or partner out of town? Are you suspicious that they might be having an illicit affair? Unfortunately adultery and affairs are commonplace in a lot of relationships these days. They are not always fatal to relationships, but they can be. The best thing for anyone to do is find out quickly if their partner is having some kind of secret love affair – and do something about it. This could mean ending the relationship or working out the root cause of the affair and using that knowledge to try and repair the relationship.

Either way, you want to be sure that your partner is having an affair first. Suspicions that your partner may be having clandestine meetings with a new lover are not enough. You need proof. Something that seems radical, but could be the only way of truly and definitively finding out what’s going on, is through covert surveillance.

Hire a private investigator to watch your partner

Private investigators like Global Investigations are discreet, highly trained and experienced in the field of covert surveillance. They handle cases with the utmost sensitivity because it is often suspicions about affairs which trigger their covert surveillance work. They will use only the latest state-of-the-art surveillance equipment to monitor your partner, and will gather high-quality, definitive video or photographic evidence of your partner’s whereabouts and activities.

Online affairs

Global Investigations can also help if you suspect your partner of having an online affair rather than an out of town affair. These happen more and more often in the digital age and are no less excusable, and no less indicative of a problem in your relationship. Computer intelligence experts at Global Investigations can help you gather evidence of your partner’s online communications.

So if you suspect your partner of having an online or out of town affair, call Global Investigations to talk to us about covert surveillance.


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