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Global Investigations is one of the leading private investigators in the UK, offering a complete range of investigation services, including domestic, commercial, legal and technical services to suit your needs. As a leading private detective agency, our international and British investigators offer private investigation services across the world.

Over the years, our experienced team of private investigators has worked alongside a diverse range of clients, including private individuals, corporations, the police force and government agencies. Each licensed private investigator working in our private detective agency offers a diverse range of skills which are invaluable in fraud investigations, private matters, surveillance, missing persons, bug sweeping and even criminal investigation.

With our main office based in London, we offer private investigation services across the UK and the world. Whether you’re looking for professional private investigators to carry out due diligence investigations, discover irrefutable evidence for legal professionals or even provide undercover detective services, we are here for you.

What is a Private Investigator?

With renowned expertise in tracing, tracking and surveillance, the private investigator is a master of due diligence and is a multi-skilled individual. Able to access information from around the world, the expert you hire will offer a range of impressive services and deliver results fast.

Our private investigations team create a golden opportunity for you to solve your dilemma and seek the answers you need. Each private detective at Global Investigators guarantees the utmost confidentiality throughout their work and will present you with a thoroughly professional private investigations service all round. This includes a multi-faceted fraud investigation squad, ready to combat those who bribe, corrupt or steal from you.

Why choose Global Investigations for Private Investigations?

At Global Investigations, you are given the best in response time, private investigators and conclusive results. Our detective agency is capable of tracking specific people or vehicles anywhere across the world and we can achieve feedback in a matter of hours. Other similar services we offer are tracking and tracing lost family members or unfaithful partners.

You will find that we are everything that a modern investigative agency should be – skilled, thorough and respectful. Operating a huge range of services, our only aim is to give you high quality information you can act upon. Global Investigations guides you through the warning signs if you believe something is wrong and will advise you on what action to take. You can be assured that your private investigator will aid you every step of the way.

A Complete Range of Private Investigation Services

At Global Investigations, our private investigators offers a comprehensive services to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for traditional private detectives to deliver constant private surveillance or investigative services, or you’re in need of a technical team to protect your interests online, we are here for you.

Each private investigator in our team comes with a range of skills, but we will work with you to put together a team of private detectives to deliver a service that works towards your ultimate aim.

Private Investigation Services

Each of our private investigators offers an unbeatable service if you’re looking for personal or domestic services. From matrimonial investigations and covert surveillance, to personal background checks, missing persons, asset tracing and online fraud investigations, we are here for you.

Each of the above private investigation services requires different skill sets. With Global Investigations, you can be certain you’ll be paired with an individual private investigator or team capable of delivering results for you, our client.

For more information on the UK private investigator services that we can provide, or even international private detectives, get in touch today. Our experienced team are always on the right side of the law, each member holding a private investigator license to keep our clients out of trouble.

Business Investigation & Company Protection Services

Our commercial private investigators can support your business, from both internal and external threats. Some of our most popular private investigator services for businesses in the UK and internationally include employee vetting, employees absenteeism investigations, workplace and company fraud detection, enhanced due diligence investigations, mystery shopping and more.

If you suspect you are being watched, we can also provide a bug sweeping and electronic counter measures service to ensure you are completely secure from potential pursuit or commercial espionage against your company.

In the past, our business clients have included CEOs, fund manager roles, managerial positions and more. For more information on our private investigator services for businesses in London, the UK and internationally, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

Legal Private Detective Services

Our private investigators offer a complete service to help you stay on the right side of the law, and assist with legal investigations. From background checks to constant surveillance, our private investigators team obtain and deliver irrefutable evidence to support all kinds of legal claims.

If you’re going through a divorce, for example, we can provide legal investigative services against your partner or another person, including asset tracing, lifestyle reports and process serving.

Each member of your team will hold a private investigator’s license, have experience with the law. Society relies on private investigators to uncover the truth where the police are unable to spare the resources or carry out private detective work to ensure the law is carried out.

Technical Private Investigators

In addition to more traditional private investigator services, our investigators also offer technical and online solution to suit your needs. From forensic work, bug sweeping and TSCM, to cyber investigations, dark web investigations and open source intelligence, we can provide a technical private investigator to support you.

In addition to personal and commercial cyber security, we can also deliver digital investigation to find missing people, identify companies and carry out due diligence checks for a wide range of clients.

In the past, our technical services have supported legal teams, the police and private individuals for many different reasons. For more information on the services our professional investigators can deliver to your company, yourself or another person in your life, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

Leading Private Investigation in London

When it comes to the elite of the capital’s private investigators, the team at Global Investigations lead the field. We operate covertly and overtly – whatever is required to delivery for you. Our London private investigators can send an investigator to look into all kinds of covert enquiries such as partner tracking, insurance fraud, risk analysis and drug testing regimes within hours.

The surveillance unit in London is particularly strong, so if you seek some specialist help and need irrefutable proof, Global investigations will get it for you, hassle free and in quick time. Each inquiry agent in our team will deliver an unparallened service to the highest of professional standards. If you have any questions, please feel free to call our team on 08000 733 555.

Private Investigator FAQs

Does Global Investigations Provide Local Detectives

Yes, we do! Our experienced team spans the country, meaning we can pair you with a private investigator that will directly match your needs. For a local investigation professional, or team, get in touch today.

We’re able to provide specialist private detectives across the UK, including England, ScotlandWales and Northern Ireland, in addition to individual towns and cities such as:

If you’re looking for a local, supportive and experienced detective agency, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Global Investigations.

Yes, it is. As part of our investigation services, a private investigator can following someone in a public place. They can also keep them under surveillance once they are in a private place, but are not able to follow them onto private property.

Do Private Investigators Carry Out Background Checks?

Yes, of course. Our private investigators can carry out background checks for businesses and individuals. There are many reasons you might want to carry out a background check. Our investigator will find out the correct information about a person, including their employment history, registered address, current job role and previous relationships.

Do Private Detectives Work 24 Hours?

Yes, we can provide 24 hour private investigation and surveillance services. That means no matter how late or early, private detectives will keep a close watch on the subject and ensure all their moves are carefully monitored. Whether you’re looking for private detectives in London, England, the UK or even internationally, we are here for you.