How Can I Find Someone’s Assets in Glasgow?

If you’re wondering how to find out someone’s assets in Glasgow, you’re not alone. It’s a question that comes up often, especially when dealing with a divorce or trying to find out the value of a deceased person’s estate. Unfortunately, the process of verifying someone’s assets can be a complicated process in Scotland, but there are a few avenues you can explore.

To help, we explore the ways you can find out a person’s assets and cover everything you need to know, including what asset tracing is, how a private investigator Glasgow can help, and much more:

What is Asset Tracing?

Asset tracing is the process of tracking down a person’s assets, which can include property, bank accounts, investments and other financial interests. When you’re searching for someone’s assets in Glasgow, it’s important to understand what asset tracing involves so that you can make sure that your search is conducted properly. It’s also important to familiarise yourself with the privacy laws in Scotland, which can affect how you access information about someone’s assets.

Probate in Scotland

If the person you’re searching for has passed away, their estate may be subject to probate in Scotland. This process includes an investigation into a deceased’s assets and  usually requires a request or court order to gain access to this information. It is also possible to find public records of wills in Scotland online if they have been registered with the court,  or you can access records from the National Records of Scotland.

What Are Traceable Assets?

When it comes to finding someone’s assets in Glasgow, you’ll want to focus on traceable assets.  In Scotland, asset searches may include (but not limited to):

  • Stocks and shares
  • All boats and machine purchases (e.g., yachts)
  • Undeclared banking and accounts
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Company assets (e.g., property and equipment)
  • Vehicles – any related finance and ownership of them
  • Livestock (e.g., horse ownership)
  • Real estate and inherited properties

However, not all assets are traceable in Glasgow. For instance, assets like stocks, bonds and other investments may be difficult to track down if they are held in an overseas bank account or through a non-traditional financial institution. You should also bear in mind that assets can be hidden using certain strategies, such as transferring them into the name of a trust or company.

Additionally, before looking for assets, it is crucial to ensure they exist and can be tracked to avoid costly legal fees and litigation costs.

What Is Involved In Asset Tracing?

The process of tracing someone’s assets in Glasgow can be complex. It typically involves looking into someone’s financial records and assets, determining ownership of them, following up with various government authorities and conducting searches in public records. A qualified private investigator Glasgow or solicitor can help guide you through the process if needed.

Below is a detailed look at some of the ways to trace assets in Glasgow:

Look for public records – these may be available online or at the local courthouse

Finding reliable public records can be a complicated task, but it doesn’t have to be. A great place to start is online – many governments make official public records available online for easy access.   However, if these are not accessible online, then a visit to the local courthouse may be necessary,  where you can utilise resources like lists of court documents, tax records and more.

While it will take some research, making sure there is a thorough review of the relevant documents is essential for accuracy. Once gathered, public records can provide invaluable details about your personal history or help with proof of ownership.

Research the person’s background – check news articles, social media, and other public sources of information

Gathering knowledge about another person to build an in-depth background profile is becoming increasingly common. The traditional method of researching involves poring through sources such as news articles, directories, and public record, but in today’s digital age, we now have access to a wealth of information on social media platforms.

With due diligence, you can gain useful insights into someone’s background that can be used judiciously and ethically. For example, online profiles provide valuable information on a person’s current occupation, interests, and lifestyle, which  can offer important clues that may otherwise be difficult to obtain from other sources. Therefore, it is  essential to ensure the data collected from such resources are accurate and meet ethical standards prior to its use.

Speak to people who know the person – ask about their job, lifestyle, and any assets they may have

When conducting an investigation into a person’s financial information, it is important to speak to people who know the individual to gain an insight that would be obtained nowhere else and help to develop the analysis of their finances. Gathering information on the person’s lifestyle can assist in researching potential sources of income and determining any discrepancies between them.

In addition, knowing what kind of assets the person owns is essential in discerning a more complete image of their finances. Speaking with those who know them well can successfully provide this information and lead to greater understanding.

Hire a private detective Glasgow – this is a more expensive option, but may be necessary in some cases

Hiring a private investigator Glasgow can be an expensive endeavour, but can also be necessary when faced with certain circumstances. Often, individuals or legal entities will enlist professional investigators to uncover information not available through other means.

Private investigators Glasgow are generally used to track down evidence in criminal investigations, investigate infidelity cases, and  investigate background details for a variety of reasons. It’s important to work with a licensed and insured private investigator who is experienced in the field so that the desired outcome can be achieved in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.

Ultimately, the decision to utilise the services of a private investigator Glasgow is up to the individual or organisation. In some cases, it may be worth it to gain access to extra resources and expertise.

These are just a few of the ways you can trace assets in Glasgow.  By taking the time to carefully consider which route is most suitable for your needs, you can be assured that any asset trace in Glasgow is conducted with accuracy and in accordance with all applicable laws. That way, you can trust the data and intelligence collected is both reliable and up-to-date.

Global Investigations’ Asset Tracing Services

If you need help with tracing assets and would like to hire a private investigator Glasgow, then get in touch with Global Investigations. Our team of dedicated experts take great care that all our reports are of a high standard and can be legally used in court, as well as ensuring that all information is timely obtained.

With a success rate of over 90% in tracing missing assets worldwide, we take great pride in being able to uncover the real wealth of our clients’ targets. All our searches can be carried out in Scotland and in the wider UK. Additionally, we benefit from our strong relationships with agents overseas to find assets that have been well-hidden in properties and businesses abroad.

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