Why Sweeping for Bugs is Necessary!

In an age of readily used technology, ripe for misuse and deception, the fine arts of sweeping for bugs are becoming an increasing necessity. Bugs are now cheaper, smarter and easier to purchase than ever before. Consequently, bug sweeping services offered by teams such as Global Investigations are crucial in confirming or denying any suspicions aroused by the presence of bugs.

Utilising the skills of electronic and mechanical engineers, all bugging devices can be tracked for you in an ultra-efficient manner. Regardless of the type of job, building or circumstances, you’ll feel confident in the hands of the expert bug detectors.

Why Use a Bug Sweeper?

Bugging devices are a very real phenomenon and are not exclusive to crime shows on TV. Sweeping for bugs is the number one way to counter this growing threat. You must be sure that your business offices and other areas are not being bugged and if you have any suspicions at all, then bug sweeping is the answer. A sophisticated electronic bug sweeper is part of Global Investigations essential tool kit and promises to cause as little disruption to your office activity as possible.

Unfortunately, bugging devices can be planted very easily, even by those without expert knowledge. There are numerous employees who could lay down bugs in your office for their own gains or on someone else’s behalf. This naturally poses a risk to your business and provides you with a degree of paranoia and uncertainty, especially when discussions of a confidential or classified nature arise.

Bug Sweeping Benefits for Your Business

An electronic bug sweeper is essential for any business hoping to add an extra element of security to their plans. By sweeping your business for bugs, you can pick up on how to sweep the room yourself, alongside experts and with minimum fuss.

You want your business premises to feel safe and by having a conclusive sweep for bugs, this can be achieved. Any hidden listening devices or bugged equipment, such as keyboards can be uncovered and reported back to you promptly.

Choosing to hire a professional service to bug sweep your home or business environment is not a decision that is taken lightly. It is usually made after a period of feeling great unease, and possibly a detrimental time for your business. There are lots of reasons you might suspect you are under surveillance, and once you’re concerned, the feeling is very hard to shake.

Why Is It Important to Sweep for Bugs?

It’s important to bug sweep your business for a lot of reasons – here are some that we think are the most necessary:

  • Detrimental to your business – If someone is monitoring your business, they will be aware of every detail, fact, idea or action that goes on within your work environment. This information could be used against you in a whole manner of situations – copyright cases, fraud, theft. Anything picked up by monitoring bugs will threaten your business’ security, and leave you in a very precarious position.
  • Affects your personal wellbeing – On top of the professional risks, being under the surveillance of monitoring bugs can have a serious effect on you personally. You can begin to feel paranoid, and totally uneasy and uncomfortable in your place of work – which is somewhere you should always feel safe and secure.

What Does Global Investigations’ Bug Sweeping Process Entail?

If you do find anything in your business or home that you believe to be an audio or visual monitoring bug, please do not attempt to remove it by yourself. If you do, you will either; alert the monitors to the fact they have been discovered, or make it difficult for Global to correctly track the bug’s original input date.

It’s vitally important that if you do contact Global Investigations to bug sweep your business, you send the email or make the call from a secure area away from the potentially targeted environment. In the event that you do so from your office, it’s possible that the bugs will pick up your request and be removed before we can sweep the premises.

The bug sweeping process we run differs case by case – we would need to hear the details of your situation before recommending the best course of action. In the case of a business bug sweep, we would generally prefer to operate outside of working hours, so as not to arouse any suspicion or put you at risk. We will use a variety of specialist technical equipment – including RF frequency locators, thermal wall image readers and GSM location tracking devices – to thoroughly scan your whole business premises and accurately locate the presence of any bugs. In the unfortunate event that we do uncover monitoring bugs at your business, Global Investigations will also be able to advise you on what you need to do next.

If you would like to enlist Global Investigations bug sweeping services, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or by using the contact form below.