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If you have any concerns about your business or company, it can become a stressful situation. Not only are you constantly feeling anxious or worried about the safety of your company; your staff, work and money are also greatly at risk. You need to always be sure that anything or anyone you deal with is totally legitimate and up to your standards. because if not, you’re taking a huge risk.

It’s an unfortunate fact that in the corporate world, there are people who are willing to pull stunts, damage businesses and lie, no matter what the cost is to others. Making extra certain that your business is not at the hands of this type of person is an absolute necessity.

This is where Global Investigations can help. Our corporate services are designed to assist you in anyway you might need, and corporate environments  are certainly an area in which we can look into your issues, find you some reassurance and help you feel confident you are making the right decisions. Here are some of the most effective ways Global Investigations’s corporate services can help you.


Background checks

Global Investigations can undertake a thorough background check on prospective employees or contacts. If you are in anyway unsure about a person, it’s best to check their history before you entrust them with any important information. Our background checks services find out everything you’ll need to know about a person – including whether their references are correct and whether they have a criminal record. Once we’ve provided you with the facts, you can make a properly educated decision about the next steps you need to take.


Due Diligence

There are lots of lines of work where it’s really important to carry out proper due diligence and the corporate industry is certainly one of them. In a similar vein to background checks, when we carry out due diligence on a prospective client, contact or service, we will find everything you’ll need to know about – good or bad. Due diligence before you enter into any business can help protect you against insurance fraud, difficult staff issues and unreliable services.


Company Checks

From a more financial perspective, we can undertake thorough company checks, which will protect you from fraud, money laundering and bad investments. Before you undertake any financial dealings with another corporation, make totally sure of their credibility with a Global Investigations company check. This can range from common company searches to a more detailed financial background investigation – and at the end of this process, you will be safe in the knowledge that you’re dealing with trustworthy people and the money being exchanged is all above board.

Corporate environments are notoriously filled with difficult people, and it’s a shame that there is such a need for investigative work within this field. But in a situation where so much is at stake – both personally and professionally – you never want to be the person who takes the risk. Global Investigations will do everything we can to assist you with your business and corporate issues; so you can get back to your job with peace of mind. Please contact us to get started.