What Questions Should I Ask a Private Investigator?

The need for professional private investigator services has become increasingly prevalent. Whether you’re an individual looking for private services to resolve personal matters or a company that needs business services to protect your interests, hiring a reputable private investigator (or PI) can be invaluable. 


However, with so many options available, you want to ensure you’re enlisting the services of an experienced, qualified professional with the resources to handle your specific case. We guide you through the essential questions you should ask when hiring a private investigator in London, helping you make an informed decision and maximise the chances of a successful outcome.


Understanding a Private Investigator’s Expertise and Experience


When hiring a private investigator, it’s important to have a clear idea regarding their qualifications, certifications, areas of expertise and previous experiences. It’s worth noting that there’s no legal requirement to have a licence to be a private investigator


However, things like an investigator’s specialised training can still showcase their expertise and demonstrate their commitment to the field. Often, private investigators specialise in particular areas, such as background checks, surveillance, missing person enquiries or financial investigations, so you’ll want to choose an investigator whose expertise aligns with your specific needs. 


Remember, experience matters in the PI field. While a younger investigator might be qualified, a seasoned investigator will likely have a broader range of experience and a proven track record. Even though every case is unique, ask the private investigator whether they have experience with situations similar to yours.


Example questions to ask a PI:


What are your qualifications and certifications?

What is your area of expertise?  

How long have you been working as a private investigator?

Do you have experience with cases similar to mine?


Fees, Communication and Reporting


To ensure a smooth working relationship with your private investigator, it’s important to discuss fees, communication, and reporting upfront. Private investigator costs can vary, depending on the private detective’s experience and the cases’ complexity. Typically, they charge hourly rates or flat fees. Make sure you understand the investigator’s fee structure and if/how you might incur any additional costs.


Regular communication is key so ask about the investigator’s preferred method of communication: phone calls, emails, in-person, etc. Also establish how often you can expect updates. Finally, understand the format and detail level of their reports. Ask about the type of documentation you’ll receive, whether it includes witness statements, photographs or other supporting evidence.  


Example questions to ask a PI:


What are your fees and how do you charge?

How will you communicate with me throughout the investigation?

What kind of documentation or reports will I receive?


Legalities and the Investigation Process


Before embarking on your investigation, it’s vital to understand the legal and ethical framework. Ensure the investigator has insurance to manage any potential risks. A reputable investigator will readily discuss their general approach, potential risks (like surveillance dangers or emotional tolls), and their commitment to legal and ethical conduct.


They should be transparent about their methods for obtaining evidence while respecting privacy rights, and demonstrate strong data security protocols to protect sensitive information through encryption, secure storage and access controls.


Example questions to ask a PI:


What is your investigative process? 

What are the potential risks involved in the investigation?

How do you ensure compliance with legal and ethical standards? 

What measures do you take to protect confidential information?


Setting Expectations 


While a private investigator can’t guarantee a specific outcome, they should be able to provide an estimated timeframe based on the complexity of your case. This is a crucial discussion point, as investigations don’t guarantee results and may not always yield the outcomes you want.


Be sure to explore the range of potential outcomes and their possible consequences with the investigator to set realistic expectations.


Example questions to ask a PI:  


What is a realistic timeframe for completing the investigation?

What are the possible outcomes of the investigation?


Additional Considerations


While investigator references might be limited due to confidentiality, some professionals may offer testimonials or general work ethic endorsements. It’s also advisable to check their online presence.


Remember, a legitimate investigator will have a professional website detailing their services and qualifications. Finally, discuss their policies for handling conflicts of interest. A reputable investigator should have clear procedures to identify and address potential conflicts, ensuring impartiality throughout the investigation.  


Example questions to ask a PI:


Can you provide me with references?

Do you have a professional website or online presence?

How do you handle conflicts of interest?


By asking these questions, you can gain valuable insights into a private investigator’s experience, approach and suitability for your case. Remember, the initial consultation is an opportunity for you to assess the investigator as much as they are assessing your case.


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