Are Private Investigator Reports Detectable In Nottingham?

There are many reasons you might consider hiring a private investigator in Nottingham. You may suspect your partner of cheating, fear that your employees are stealing from you, or wish to track down a long-lost relative. Our team of highly skilled and experienced private investigators in Nottingham can help you with any investigative needs.

Private investigator surveillance services are carried out discreetly, meaning that no one outside your investigation knows what’s going on. That said, it is important to be aware that private investigator reports are not undetectable. If done poorly, your investigation could be detected.

To ensure that your investigation is both successful and discreet, it is essential to hire a qualified and experienced private investigator Nottingham. In this blog, we cover everything you need to know about private investigator reports.

What Is a Private Investigator Report?

A private investigator report is an investigative document that contains the results of a private investigation. The report should include all the facts gathered from surveillance, interviews, or research conducted by the investigator. This information can then be used as evidence in court proceedings or simply to help you make informed decisions about a situation.

A private investigator report may include the following:

  • Subject information – who they are, their appearance, personal and contact details
  • In-depth details of the investigation – methods used and the results
  • Photographs, videos, audio recordings, GPS data and other evidence of the subject’s movements
  • Evidence of any transgressions witnessed by the agents (e.g. law breaking, cheating)

A private investigator report may be delivered physically, digitally, or both. The specific details and layout of the report will vary depending on the reason you hired the investigator. It may also contain recommendations for further surveillance, if the agent believes this to be necessary. 

Are Private Investigator Reports Detectable?

As mentioned, private investigator reports are not undetectable. If you fail to hire a qualified and experienced private investigator Nottingham, your investigation could be noticed by the subject or other third parties. In some cases, using basic surveillance techniques can cause suspicion and compromise the investigation.

Professional investigators in Nottingham are trained to be discreet and use the latest technology to conduct investigations without detection. They understand how best to communicate with the subject of an investigation, as well as any third parties that may look suspiciously at the surveillance.

Are Private Investigator Reports Confidential?

Yes, private investigator reports are confidential and cannot be shared without the consent of both parties. As well as being legally bound to confidentiality, a team of professional investigators in Nottingham will understand the need for discretion. All information collected will remain with your investigation and is never disclosed to any other parties without prior authorisation. 

At our Nottingham office, we take confidentiality and privacy very seriously. Our team of surveillance private investigators adhere to a strict code of conduct when conducting investigations. We will never share your information or the details of your investigation without prior authorisation from you.

Who Has the Right to Read a Private Investigator Report?

In most circumstances, the only individuals who have the right to read a private investigator report are:

  • The client (the person who hired the private investigator)
  • The agent(s) who conducted the investigation and compiled the report

Complications only arise if the target discovers that an investigative firm is collecting their data. If this occurs, they could file a ‘subject access request’ to find out what the company knows, but  this is extremely rare. A good private investigator Nottingham will take every step to ensure their actions remain undetectable, and that the target never realises they are being monitored. This may involve techniques such as using multiple agents to minimise the risk of being recognised. 

At Global Investigations, we vow to always keep the results of our investigations and reports entirely confidential. Our professional tracing agents are well-versed in obtaining critical information without detection and skilfully blending into their environment.

Can a Private Investigator’s Evidence Be Used in Court (UK)?

The target of a private detective’s report may have the right to read it if the report is used as evidence against them in court. In the UK, evidence discovered by a private investigator Nottingham is almost always admissible in court, unless it was obtained illegally. For this reason, a private detective Nottingham must ensure they abide by strict surveillance laws while conducting their investigations.

If a private investigator report is submitted as evidence in court, and is deemed admissible, it must be revealed to the defendant. This is called disclosure of documents. 

Disclosure of Documents

Legally, all parties involved in a court case have the right to know about any documents that might have a bearing on the case. Part of the disclosure process is to provide the defendant with a copy of any documents that are likely to be relied upon during proceedings. This includes any reports or evidence collected by a private investigator, such as photographs, audio recordings and video footage.

A team of professional investigators in Nottingham are skilled and knowledgeable, ensuring that any evidence collected is admissible and can be used in court if necessary.  We will always ensure that we strictly adhere to UK surveillance laws and regulations throughout the entire process.


Private investigator reports are not undetectable, and it’s important to hire a qualified and experienced private investigator in Nottingham to ensure your investigation is successful and discreet. At Global Investigations, our team of professional investigators have the necessary expertise to provide you with the detailed information you need while remaining undetected.

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