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Unfortunately many people can fall foul of other people’s devious antics; antics which need surveillance can include:

  • A cheating partner > we will confirm or deny and reveal to our clients.
  • Insurance fraud > experienced operatives use to devious claimants.
  • Benefit fraud > where we will work alongside colleagues in certain areas.
  • Worker’s compensation fraud > an American term, but enquires undertaken on workers claims.
  • False claims for stolen property > bespoke investigations.
  • Faking injury or illness > for a variety of reasons.
  • Employee theft > bespoke enquires, where covert cameras and post and pre interviews are used frequently.
  • Selling of counterfeit goods > secret visits arranged with experienced operatives ready to help.
  • General fraud i.e. > falsifying documents and helping our clients in various fields.
  • Industrial espionage > Undertaken every year and the use of surveillance can be vital.

There is no better way to prove you are being defrauded than to document the true facts through irrefutable video and/or photographic evidence. Organising surveillance is an extremely effective way to prove to the relevant authorities that you, or your company, have been, or are being, defrauded in some way. The evidence gathered should always be done so legally so that it can be submitted into a court of law, whether it is for a matrimonial, domestic or commercial case. Having this evidence will go far in helping you achieve your desired goal; be it divorce, custody of your children, reimbursement of stolen monies or even to redeem your personal or company’s reputation.

How We Can Help with Surveillance?

No matter what your requirements are for surveillance, as private investigators we will be able to get you the proof you need by using the very best surveillance equipment and trained personnel. Before any of our surveillance operations begins, we take the time to sit down and talk everything through with you to make sure the chosen surveillance path is the most cost effective for you and will also cause you the least amount of inconvenience.
We are committed to making sure our surveillance operations run as smoothly as possible for you and so, if required, will also organise impact assessments to ensure everything goes to plan. We are dedicated to ensuring your confidentiality at all times so you can feel safe in the knowledge your surveillance operation will stay under wraps for as long as you require it to.
We utilise many different surveillance methods when gathering information, however, we will never use a method that has not been signed off by you. You will have input into the surveillance operation and a say in which of the latest, high tech, state of the art, covert surveillance systems will be used by our team. Our vast array of equipment includes but is not limited to:

  • Covert cameras hidden around our agents
  • Miniature hidden audio and digital devices
  • Audio bugs where possible
  • Telephone monitoring equipment
  • Image intensifiers
  • Female and male teams
  • Educated & Bilingual staff

Our surveillance personnel have all been educated using and adhering to UK or overseas intelligence regulations and techniques. This means you can be assured all information and evidence gathered is done so in a detailed and professional manner and will be to the standard of proof required by a Crown Court. We are able to offer male and female operatives at very short notice across the breadth of the UK. If you have a particularly urgent surveillance request, we can even have an operative up and running within 1 hour. During each surveillance operation, our personnel will ensure they stay in regular contact with you, keeping you up-to-date and providing you with all the information you need.
As our name suggests, we are a truly global organisation with many foreign assignments under our belt, having completed numerous operations in the Philippines, Australia, America and throughout Europe. You can therefore trust our experience and worldwide knowledge will help get you the answers you’re looking for.
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