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For over 20 years, Global Investigations has provided dependable private investigation services to residents and businesses throughout London, including the Anerley area. When you require the insight and evidence that only an experienced private investigator can provide, you can rely on our expertise, integrity and discretion.


Why Might I Need a Private Investigator in Anerley?

There are many reasons Anerley individuals or companies may need to consult a private detective agency. From suspected infidelity to employee misconduct and fraud to tracing missing persons or assets, a professional Anerley-based investigator leverages proven techniques to uncover the truth. We provide the evidence needed to make informed decisions.


How We Conduct Private Investigations in Anerley

Global Investigations begins every case by consulting directly with the client to define objectives, expectations and parameters. We then strategize the optimal methods for legal, ethical evidence gathering whether through surveillance, computer forensics, interviews, background research or asset traces. Our Anerley private detectives blend advanced technology with old-fashioned legwork to achieve discreet yet conclusive outcomes. Throughout an active investigation, we provide regular progress reports to clients.


Range of Private Investigative Services Available in Anerley

From our extensive experience supporting clients across London and internationally, Global Investigations offers Anerley individuals and businesses expert private investigation services including:

> Matrimonial Investigations – Surveillance and evidence gathering related to suspected adultery, child custody disputes, cohabitation verification, prenuptial confirmation and more. We uncover the truth.

> Corporate Investigations – From vendor due diligence to employee misconduct and fraud to compliance audits, we help Anerley companies mitigate risks.

> Cyber Investigations – Our tech experts can detect threats like hacking, online impersonation, Dark Web activity, IP theft and cyber bullying impacting those in Anerley.

> Due Diligence Checks – We verify backgrounds, credentials, conflicts of interest and hidden red flags of potential partners, investors, staff and vendors for Anerley clients.

Global Investigations also provides specialist support like forensic analysis, process serving, asset tracing and more based on our clients’ unique needs.


Why Global Investigations is the Leading Choice for Private Investigators in Anerley

With extensive resources across London, no private detective agency has greater experience or capabilities than Global Investigations. For over 20 years, prominent law firms, corporations and individuals in Anerley and across the city have trusted us for ethical, efficient and effective investigative work.

Our discreet investigators comply fully with laws in gathering court-admissible evidence. We leverage the optimal blend of technology tools and human intelligence to achieve our clients’ objectives. If you require a private investigator that gets results, contact Global Investigations today.


FAQs About Our Anerley Private Investigative Services

Are your private detectives properly licensed for investigations in Anerley?

Yes, all the private investigators on our London team hold current professional licences and certifications with routine background checks. We are fully compliant in Anerley and everywhere we operate.

What surveillance methods can you utilise during Anerley investigations?

Our private detectives use both onsite physical monitoring and digital tracking techniques leveraging technology – all producing court-admissible evidence. We determine optimal approaches aligned to our clients’ specific objectives.

Can you serve legal documents to my estranged partner who lives in Anerley?

Certainly. Our seasoned process servers can legally and discreetly serve court summonses, warrants, divorce papers and more to parties in Anerley while providing documentation confirming service.

How can you help if my business in Anerley suspects fraud by an employee?

Our corporate investigators have helped multiple Anerley companies prove employee misconduct and fraud through discreet surveillance techniques and computer forensics, providing evidence to pursue recoveries or legal charges.