Concerned about employee absenteeism? Global Investigations can help

The majority of the time, when an employee takes sick leave from work, they are genuinely ill and in no state to come into work. However, if you are in charge of a HR or Personnel department, you will be well aware of how frustrating and damaging it can be to have an employee who is consistently absent. It can be especially disheartening if you have any reason to believe that the employee in question is not actually telling you the truth about their days off…

If one of your staff is always taking leave, you’ve heard concerning rumours about their whereabouts, or you have some inconclusive evidence that you’re being lied to, you may be at the point where can see no other options. You’ll feel angry towards the employee in question and betrayed by their lack of respect for the company, and you’ll want to confront them about their actions – the only problem is you might not have any proof that your suspicions are the truth.

If you have a gut feeling, or second hand information that your employee’s concerning level of absenteeism has major cause for concern, there’s no need to continue with the suspicion. If you are in this position and don’t know what else you can do to manage the situation, Global Investigations have a service that can find out the truth about the employee, once and for all.

Employee Absenteeism is always an area to keep an eye on

It might seem far fetched to assume that employees might use their sick leave for any other reasons, but you would be surprised at how often this actually occurs. In some cases, it can simply appear that employees have run out of annual leave and used their sickness days to extent a weekend or holiday. While this is not in any way appropriate, there are even more extreme reasons staff take days off – and these can cause even more worry for the employers.

Through our service, we have previously discovered that employees of our clients were taking on extra freelance work during their days off, or even working at second jobs whilst claiming to be ill at home. As well as the serious breach of trust these employees committed by lying, their actions also caused the businesses to lose money, and damaged the integrity of the work – the skills they were hired for were being used to benefit someone else, too. If you find yourself suspecting an employee of similar behaviour, you need to take action.

What can Global Investigations do to help?

Our staff monitoring service is discreet and designed to find out the truth, fast. Our process begins by liaising with one contact at your end (to avoid drawing attention to the case) and we will thoroughly discuss your suspicions, including any hear’say or minor evidence you may have. We will then use surveillance and tracing techniques to monitor your employee, to ascertain what really occurs during their sick leave, and to find other evidence that contributes towards the reality of their actions. Crucially, we will keep within the remits allowed by an investigation company with the right expertise.

At the close of our investigation we will be able to provide you with all of the evidence you’ll need to move the process forward, in an easy to follow employee absenteeism report (if you would like to see an anonymous example of this, please simply contact us). Having this concrete evidence will not only allow you to make a final decision about the employee’s future with you, if the case is ever taken to a tribunal, you’ll have definitive proof of their unacceptable behaviour, and have taken the right steps and formalities in the right order with an experienced company such as ourselves.

If you feel at the end of your tether in regards to consistent employee absenteeism, do not let it carry on any further. Contact us here at Global Investigations, and we’ll assist you to find out the truth.

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