Employee Absenteeism

Global Investigations are one of the most prominent investigation agencies in the UK helping to deal with long term employee absenteeism

We normally conduct covert private investigations on long term staff who are off work sick and are maybe already “under a cloud”, with little communication between them and with possible rumours and suspicion surrounding their situation.

Employee Absenteeism Issues

Unexpected absences can affect business productivity and profits and if they become a regular occurrence they may affect morale and motivation. As a business owner or HR manager, ensure that you manage sick leave effectively to minimise the impact of absences.

When it is a small or even a medium sized business owner absence or sick leave is a serious matter which can heavily impact on the business. Setting out clear policies, monitoring absences and understanding your legal requirements will enable you to keep on top of the issues and hopefully reduce the amount of time your staff are absent from work.

Also, having employees with health problems, whilst it may impact directly on the effectiveness of a company’s performance, employee absenteeism has to be dealt with carefully. Short-term illnesses are covered financially through statutory sick pay and should not impact on a business’s operations to a serious extent.

However, long term illnesses present a different problem such as the likelihood or otherwise of the employee returning to full-time work.

Employers are entitled to dismiss an employee who is absent from work for a prolonged period as long as certain procedures are followed. This is known as a capability dismissal.

Dealing with absenteeism issues

With the first sign of an attendance problem normal practice and good advice may be sufficient to alert the employee. You should explain how absenteeism can have a negative impact on the quality of their work, the morale of co-workers and the economic success and life of the company. If absenteeism continues, after a warning letter mentioning the dates and times of absences and the dates the person has previously been counselled, it is normal to then inform the employee that continued absences might lead to further disciplinary action, up to and including termination of their employment.

Our Information and experience

Our private eye’s are of course well versed with employment law and act diligently and discreetly and normally operate after an impact assessment from our clients.

When introduced to the situation we will concentrate on the core issue. We do not diversify with investigations into the subject’s private life but purely concentrate on why the subject is not at his employment and where the subject is spending his time and resources during those absent hours.

We cover the whole of the UK and overseas and have Agents based in all major towns & cities and surrounding areas. We offer a wide variety of ways to investigate, approaching the situation with due care.

We will normally liaise with only one contact at the company and will guide that contact through the initial early period, when we will validate the enquiry . We will ask you to supply us with as much relevant information as possible so we can reach an early conclusion.

We will then further assess the situation and instruct the right course to uncover the truth of employee absenteeism. We will work to set times and date constraints and we will only report on what is relevant for our client and the position the subject holds. We will not, in any circumstances, rely on just sole information from a third party and we would endeavour to establish any misdemeanours.

Rest assured any assignment undertaken is always handled discreetly and can usually involve unobtrusive surveillance. It may also warrant background checks or a combination of many other different skills.

We act very quietly in the background keeping a low profile, as we find we achieve the best results and success this way. We are, of course, registered with the Data Protection Act and once an investigation is finished we will produce a final report indicating our findings and conclusions. We will ensure all evidence will be collated in a manner that is presentable in a Court or Industrial Tribunal and all work we undertake will be within the constraints of data protection law and good practice recommendations and employment law part 3.

Absent Stats:

  • On average European employees have an absence rate of just 7.4 days a year. The highest in Europe is Bulgaria whilst the lowest is Turkey.
  • In the UK the top 3 causes of long term sickness are musculoskeletal, stress and mental health issues.
  • In the UK alone the average rate in absences has risen in 2009 by an average of 19%.

Some of our found Stats:

  • We have found that 42% of all enquiries were found to be supplementing their income by working or gaining monetary value from undeclared situations.
  • 65% of all checks we have undertaken have been clearly confirmed to us in the first 3 “visits”.
  • 80% of finished and “damaging enquires” undertaken that have been presented to our clients have ended any claim when revealed to the subject or the subject’s solicitors.

Employee Investigation

Employee sick leave costs companies large sums of money and people taking time off when they aren’t really incapable of working also puts added pressure on other members of staff to cover the absentee’s workload.

Most people get ill every now and again, but many employers find that some members of their workforce take advantage of this and take time off when they aren’t really sick. Prolonged employee absence has a profound effect on how a company functions on a day to day basis. Employee sick leave can be costly both in time and money as someone else has to pick up the slack. Global Investigations can help you to determine if an employee sick leave claim is valid or not.

Some employees even do this to partake in secret trading and undertake other work when they are meant to be on employee sick leave at home. This secret trading can involve working directly for competitors or in some cases, starting to take on clients or work of their own. It is not unheard of for employees to use company time and resources to do their secret trading.

Staff monitoring is within your rights

When an employee gives you reason to worry then the solution to sorting out the problem will lie in effective staff monitoring. Unlike some methods of investigating employee sick leave fraud, staff monitoring is about monitoring performance. In order for any company or business to succeed, relying on their employees is crucial. Occasionally however, you may find that there are employees who give rise to all sorts of problems that have a direct impact on the company such as with secret trading.

If they believe that they can make money through the secret trading of vital information or resources then some employers will take advantage of their position in your company. Unfortunately secret trading in large corporations is quite commonplace. Staff monitoring and investigating employees might be able find and put a stop to any further secret trading that might be going on in your business.

That is when we come in to give you hand at staff monitoring. Sure enough staff monitoring can sometimes make you feel uncomfortable but in order to preserve your business you need to have employees that work hard and are trustworthy. Employee absence can have detrimental effects on the business which leaves you out of pocket and out of trust.

No shame in investigating employee secret trading

An increasing amount of companies and employers are taking steps when necessary to investigate employees in order to stamp out all secret trading when possible.

The rise in companies wanting to investigate employees is often due to the track record that they produce. Poor performance and constant employee absence has give rise to the need for investigating employees in some cases. The company has to pay for sick leave and so they need to know that the claim of every employee absence is legitimate.

There are times when employee absence gives rise to worry and so the company has to use its legal right to investigate employees who are absent for prolonged periods. There are different methods which we can apply in order to accomplish your need to investigate employees satisfactorily. Staff monitoring methods can be those that include background checks – as well as following up references at the point of employment for new staff.

It is within the company’s legal right to investigate employees if they feel that things aren’t going the way they should. It is no small feat for the company to investigate employees if they feel that a certain member of staff is jeopardising the trust issue, secret trading or moonlighting.

However the reality is simple. If your employee sick leave is unusually high and particular members of staff are often ‘ill’, then it is within the company’s interest to start to investigate employees who fit the bill.

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