Bug Sweeping Your Business

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Signs Your Business Needs Bug Sweeping 

Bug sweeping a business can seem like a drastic measure, but it’s a very common practice and something that Global Investigations are experts at undertaking. There are many signs and signals to look out for that could suggest your business is being monitored, and if you encounter any of them, you would be wise to professionally bug sweep the area.

If you are suspicious that your work environment is under surveillance, or unsure of what you should be looking out for, here is a guide to the signs you are being monitored, and how you can take the next steps in the process.

What is bug sweeping?

Bug sweeping is also sometimes known as ‘counter surveillance’ – in other words, it’s the practice of professionally scanning your business in order to confirm whether or not it has been placed under surveillance from audio or visual monitoring bugs. It’s always best done by a professional service like Global Investigations; attempting to do it yourself could alert those monitoring you to the fact you’ve discovered the bugs.


Why are the signs that your business has been bugged?

Perhaps recently, some work you and your colleagues have been carrying out has gone missing, or been imitated by a competitor company. Perhaps you’re noticing that electronics in your office are picking up random sound waves or making noises when they’re not in use. There are many things that could make you feel as though you are being watched – prospective clients may be coming to you asking for a smaller quote for your work, as they somehow know you’ve offered less to past clients, or ideas you’ve had are being carried out by someone else. If any information you believe to be secret is becoming public knowledge, you have every reason to feel suspicious about your office being monitored.


You may instinctively feel as though you’re being watched

Monitoring bugs are difficult to locate, and often you won’t have any concrete proof that they are being used in your business. You may just have an uneasy feeling that you and your business are being watched,. You might feel silly basing the decision to hire professional help on a gut feeling of suspicion; but sometimes your instinct is your most trustworthy tool.


What Global Investigations can do to help

Global Investigations are well practiced when it comes to bug sweeping, and will do everything they can to remove your feeling of unease and protect the confidentiality of your business. To find out more information about our bug sweeping process, please head to our bug sweeping page, or contact us.