How to Run a Background Check on Your Business Partner

Entering into a business partnership is a significant decision. You’re not only trusting someone with your company’s reputation and finances, but you’re also forming a professional relationship that can make or break your venture’s success. In this climate of trust, due diligence becomes paramount.


A crucial aspect of due diligence is conducting thorough background checks on new business partners.

Why Screening New Business Partners Matters


Embarking on a business venture with someone you trust and whose background you are familiar with is essential. A comprehensive background check can uncover crucial information that may not be readily apparent, helping you:

  • Prevent fraud – Uncover any history of financial crimes or fraudulent activity that could jeopardise your business.
  • Assess risk – Identify potential legal or financial issues associated with your partner’s background. You can also gain insights into your potential partner’s professional conduct, business practices, and reputation within their industry.
  • Verify credentials – Ensure your potential business partner’s claimed educational qualifications, professional experience and achievements are genuine. 
  • Ensure compliance – Depending on your industry, certain background screenings may be mandated to comply with regulations and protect your business from potential legal issues.
  • Build trust – Conducting a thorough background check demonstrates your commitment to due diligence and can help foster a strong foundation of trust in your partnership.
  • Peace of mind – Gain confidence and trust by knowing you’re entering the partnership with a reliable individual.

What to Look for in a Background Check


The specific details you seek will vary depending on your industry and the nature of the partnership. However, some general areas to consider include:


  • Civil litigation – Look for outstanding lawsuits or judgements that could impact your business financially.
  • Bankruptcy history – Understand your partner’s past financial dealings and potential debt burden.
  • Business associations – Research past business ventures and identify any failures or controversies.
  • Professional licences – Verify the validity of any professional licences required for your partner’s role.


Remember: It’s essential to comply with data protection regulations. Ensure your chosen background screening service provider adheres to all legal requirements like the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and DPA (Data Protection Act).

Conducting a Background Check on Potential Business Partners


There are two main ways to approach a background check:

1. The DIY Approach


While it’s tempting to take a DIY approach and conduct the background check yourself, there are limitations to consider. Public record searches and online resources can provide some fragments of information, but these sources are often:


  • Limited in scope – Publicly available information may not be comprehensive and may not reveal everything you need to know about your partner’s background.
  • Time-consuming – Sifting through various sources and piecing together information can be a lengthy and tedious process.


Plus, if you gather information outside of data protection regulations, it’s not admissible in court, should you decide to go that route.

2. Hiring a Professional Background Check Company


A reputable background check company offers a far more comprehensive and efficient solution. Here’s why partnering with a professional is advantageous:


  • Access to extensive databases – Professional background check companies have access to specialised databases that are not readily available to the public. These databases can provide a wealth of information on your potential partner, including criminal records, civil litigation history and business associations.
  • Experience and expertise – Background check companies understand the legalities of conducting background checks and ensure compliance with data protection regulations. They can navigate the complexities of the process and ensure you receive accurate and legally sound information.

Global Investigations’s Business Partner Screening Process


At Global Investigations, our team follows a meticulous process to ensure a comprehensive background check on your potential business partner. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Personal information verification – We begin by verifying your potential partner’s personal details, such as their name (including aliases and maiden names), birthdate and contact information (including addresses and phone numbers).
  2. Employment and education verification – We verify your potential partner’s claimed employment and education history and professional capabilities by contacting former employers and educational institutions directly. We also check on any past and present businesses they’ve owned or managed.
  3. Financial background check – Our team examines public records and credit reports to uncover any financial liabilities that could impact your business venture, such as outstanding debts, bankruptcies or liens.
  4. Professional reputation assessment – To assess your potential partner’s professional reputation and conduct, we thoroughly review their online presence, including social media profiles, professional networks (e.g., LinkedIn) and industry publications.

Depending on your specific industry or concerns, we can tailor the background check process to include additional areas of investigation, such as asset tracing or international searches.


Finding the Right Background Check Company


When choosing a background check company, consider these factors:


  • Services offered – Ensure they provide the specific checks relevant to your needs.
  • Experience and reputation – Look for a company with a proven track record in your industry.
  • Cost and transparency – Compare pricing options and ensure clear explanations of services included.
  • Compliance – Verify their adherence to data protection regulations like GDPR and DPA.

Strong Relationships with New Business Partners Right From the Start


By conducting thorough background checks on new business partners, you’re taking a crucial step towards protecting your company’s future. Investing in due diligence demonstrates your commitment to a successful and trustworthy partnership.


Partner with Global Investigations for Secure Business Relationships


At Global Investigations, we understand the importance of trust and transparency in business partnerships. Our comprehensive background check services are designed to give you the peace of mind you deserve. 


Our team of experienced private investigators utilises cutting-edge technology and adheres to the strictest legal guidelines to deliver accurate and reliable reports.


Contact Global Investigations today and let us help you build a solid foundation for your future business partnership.

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